REST API Rating and Reporting

You may think you are monitoring your APIs, but what about the services you buy via API from other people, how do you go about rating APIs? How are you measuring the quality of those APIs and the services you use every day? Do you rely on the supplier to tell you that everything is good? Even with your APIs what is it you think you’re measuring? Uptime? Latency? But what about actual performance and how end users experience things and how do you resolve disputes?

APImetrics runs thousands of API calls from multiple clouds (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM) from multiple locations (68 worldwide) and build up a model of the quality of every API call providing accurate, like for like reporting.

We have a wide range of example dashboards based on real metrics from REAL API calls.

Example REST API Rating Dashboard from APImetrics

Government API performance rankings APImetrics API rating

Detailed Reporting

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