REST API Testing


Poor API performance and API call errors can be easy to miss but have a huge impact on your business.

Spot them quickly and easily with APImetrics API monitoring.

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Fast and easy REST API testing


Just 3 steps to get up and running…

1. Setup

Setup rest API test flows easily and simply or import them directly from Open API specs or Postman.

2. Schedule

Run REST API tests regularly from over 80 different cloud locations at intervals to your chosing.

3. Report and Inform

Create reports and share data to other users or stakeholders instantly and with total security.

Cross Cloud from 80+ locations

Your customers aren't on one cloud, why test from only one? Schedule APIs from any public AWS, Azure, Google or IBM location

Set Conditions & assertions

Create and manage custom conditions for your APIs - set alerts based on speed, size, content & more

Quality & SLAs

Integrated reporting, quality metrics and SLA reporting with API and CSV export.

Simple REST API Testing

  • Create individual or sequences of HTTP API calls 
  • Perform content validation checks 
  • Handle all forms of security without resorting to JavaScript 
  • Alert on failures, or warn about performance changes 
  • Import from cURL, Postman and Swagger/OAI specs 

Run & test sequences of API calls

  • Script-free workflows for all your REST API TEsting needs
  • Build workflows of connected API calls in our editor or import from Postman
  • Extract and manage variables from headers and returned response body 
  • Set alerts, assertions and more 
  • Work with dozens of integrated system variables for date handling, delays and more

Global, cross-cloud reach

  • Your developers & customers aren’t on a single cloud – why measure from just one? 
  • Pick from 80+ datacenters using state of the art cloud containerized agents compatible with most architectures 
  • Run from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM data centers 
  • Run your own agents (additional fees will apply) 
  • Intelligent scheduling of calls from more than once per minute to once per day 

Integrated Fintech Ready API Security Handling

  • Whether it’s an API key based security, standard OAuth or a complex FAPI grade security sequence including sign-in we have it covered 
  • MTLS calls as part of the product 
  • Refresh tokens handled natively in the product even for complex systems like Microsoft Graph auth 
  • Run security validation checks against your expected Schemas 
  • Store eIDAS or OBWC encryption keys securely in a FIPS140 compliant HSM 

Reporting and Quality analysis

  • Every result is stored for as long as you’re a customer meaning you can always see what happened and what changed 
  • Latency graphing by segment & cloud, detailed SLA reporting, regional performance tracking, heatmaps 
  • CASC scoring for easily understood, shareable metrics
  • Alerts for rapid troubleshooting before problems become critical
  • SLA reporting and AI based outlier detection for the hard to spot problems

Designed to work for everybody, from a single developer to a large enterprise

  • Organize API collections into projects 
  • Set different access controls for projects from view only roles to editors and more 
  • SSO integrations available including full role-based administration  
  • Full Penetration test reports available and cleared for use by major, global, tier 1 banks 

Alerting the way you want it

From email alerts about performance changes to webhook integrations into critical tools, APImetrics covers everything you need. Don’t just get told when things break, get told BEFORE they break.

Slack & APImetrics
APimetrics Webhooks
Microsoft Teams & APImetrics
PagerDuty & APImetrics
DataDog & APImetrics
APImetrics OpsGenie


Want to learn more? Check our our technical knowledge base. Browse our sector-by-sector data. Take a look at our guide to the API economy.

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