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API Rating Dashboards

In addition to monitoring your critical APIs and providing you with insights into how they function, APImetrics can provide detailed ratings, rankings and analysis on APIs you use, depend or are are interested in. We host free, public reports on our site where we have a variety of interesting datasets to explore that update on a weekly and monthly basis.

Shortly we will be offering historical and SLA data as a paid service.  

API monitoring dashboard APImetrics API Rankings Dashboard

How we build our API Ranking Dashboards

Our API rating dashboards are powered using the APImetrics API Monitoring platform and we rank using our patented CASC scoring system that allows us to make like for like comparisons between different providers in a meaningful way.

We make standard calls to each of the APIs using our own credentials to handle the comparisons and make those calls from every public cloud data center.

If you’d like to discuss how you could have an API Rating Dashboard of your own, why not speak to our team.

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