API Compliance

What is API Compliance?

API compliance is about ensuring that you deliver what you say you deliver, in the way you say you do and being able to prove it.

With regional internet and financial services regulators able to potentially level large fines for compliance failures, can you afford not to verify what you do and be able to prove that to third parties, with an award winning product built from the ground up to provide the data you need.

Monitor compliance reliably and consistently with:

  • Shareable performance data
  • API comparison and league tables
  • SLA Reporting for actionable, mutual SLAs
  • Regulatory Compliance reports for bodies such as the FCA, OBIE, European Commission and more…
  • Customer support reporting, bridging the gap between customers, support teams and dev ops

All delivered as a self service enterprise solution, or managed Monitoring as a Service.


Sample Dashboards

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Corporate APIs

Authentication APIs

Search APIs

Social APIs

Dev Tools APIs



CMA9 Banking APIs

European Open Banking APIs (PSD2)

Fintech Service Provider APIs

UK Healthcare APIs

Cross Cloud Analysis

Service Level Agreements

Take the guess work out of SLAs and SLOs

With Cloud API Service Consistency Scoring (CASC), tracking API compliance quality becomes easy. Our scoring offers a simple credit score providing a clear indication of general health and quality. With our SLA and SLO measurement systems we can provide accurate 3rd party qualified SLA data for your services and the services you rely on, from pass rate through to meaningful business intelligence.

Even if calls are passing, our systems can pinpoint how they measure up to the industry as a whole or similar APIs in your sector, giving you unparalleled insight into what the performance numbers are actually telling you rather than what you assume they are.

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Regulatory API Compliance

Automated compliance reporting for Fintech, Open Banking and other sectors

Microsoft Live User Profile Fetch

APImetrics provides everything you need to monitor and track compliance to regulations. Simply have us instrument your APIs, and we can provide weekly and monthly compliance statements against the regulatory performance criteria. Everything you need to prove your case to regulators or internal stakeholder. We even have bundles of comparative data on hand for benchmarking against common global standards.

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Assurance for IT Buyers

Know what you’re getting

Independent API Reporting

Nobody should self-certify their performance – whether you are supplying a service to end users or dependent on a range of services provided by third parties. You need accurate data about not just uptime and latency, but what that means to your business and whether its good or not.

With APImetrics we can provide comparative data to similar types of service generated by our machine learning systems from a billion API calls made.

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Diagram of Service Level Agreement

Customer Support Groups

Customer unhappy but Operations say no problem? We hear you…

It’s a familiar story, the customer is unhappy with the service but the internal IT teams don’t show problems. Don’t get caught in a monitoring donut hole/trap – with independent end to end performance analysis and SLA tracking, you know where the issue is, when to push back and when not to.

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