Why Measure Your API?

Here’s a short tale of 2 API calls.

They’re both from large, well-known American companies. The API calls are doing exactly the same thing. We won’t say what, because that would give the game away – and we don’t want to do that.

They’re not complicated REST APIs. They’re pretty simple. Both have security, both calling their respective providers’ Sandboxes.

Only, one of them is half a second faster than the other. And not only is one faster than the other; one is more consistent, showing almost no variation day-to-day.

Bear in mind that these are ‘smoothed’ averages for an entire day of transactions – to put it another way, that half-second and the inconsistency in performance amounts to a 150-point difference in their respective CASC Scores.

How do you score? How do you measure up to your competitors? Are you losing users and customers through inconsistent performance – and how will you know?

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