Effectively Securing and Scaling API Infrastructures

Join our CEO, David O’Neill, for a webinar hosted by Ping Identity on the challenges of scaling and securing API solutions.

Date/Time: February 27th @ 11AM MT

Title: Innovators Panel Discussion: Effectively Securing and Scaling API infrastructures


Speed, precision, intelligence and security are differentiating the next wave of industry leaders from their competition. Organizations are counting on APIs for broader access to increasingly sensitive data and services. They’re also using a variety of disruptive technologies to secure and scale their API infrastructures, ensuring customer data and sensitive IP are never at risk.

Join us for a panel discussion on February 27th at 11AM MT with business and technology leaders from innovative organizations stewarding the API-first movement through API event streaming, monitoring, integrations and AI powered cybersecurity.

You’ll learn about solutions supporting market leading API services, hear commentary on the direction of the API economy, get guidance on how to protect your API infrastructure, and have a chance to ask panelists questions live during the webinar. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss.


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