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API Ratings: Nov 17-24 | Active Monitoring is Good Monitoring

API Ratings: Performance For our API ratings, we look at over 100 APIs and pull all the metrics together to give you a general feeling for the service quality for an organization’s APIs in a particular category with our patented CASC score. Something of interest One reason you need to be actively monitoring your APIs – and those of your peers – is competitor analysis and benchmarking. We all like to think that what we are doing makes us the best in class in the API ratings, but the only of knowing for sure is by measuring how well you

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Finance API Ratings, Nov 10-17: Open Banking Sandboxes

Something of interest Sandboxes for financial APIs are crucial and sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve. That’s partly because some banks have been known to just stick up a bank-in-a-box that bears no resemblance to the production environment. Creating a test environment that accurately reflects live behavior is no easy task. But it is a necessary one if you want third parties to be able to easily integrate with your APIs, which will help increase the number of Open Banking products and drive consumer adoption. Having people expending time, money, and energy integrating to a sandbox only to find

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API Ratings: Nov 10-17 | Foursquare Outage

API Performance We look at over 100 APIs and pull all the metrics together to give you the API ratings for an organization’s APIs in a particular category with our patented CASC score. Something of interest Foursquare had a bad week last week claiming the wooden spoon in both the Search and Social Network categories. What went wrong? Foursquare had an outage on 12 November 2020 that started just after 15:00 UTC and lasted until after 21:30 UTC. It was an intermittent outage, so not all calls were failed during that time and there were a handful of fails afterward

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Authentication in Open Banking APIs

Open Banking APIs are, by necessity, secure. In the United Kingdom, an entity wishing to make a call to a UK financial service provider must be a trusted TPP (Third Party Provider). The exact model is different in other geographies, but the fundamental idea is similar – the TPP will be given access to a certificate that proves who they are and credentials that allow for secure mutually authenticated communication between their servers and the institution they are connecting to. This all has to take place before an individual user can get to the authentication stage that we’re all familiar

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API Rant: You Call THAT Authentication?

This is a slight departure from my usual rants, but only because authentication has occupied too much of my damn time this week. Many years ago, we wrote a White Paper on OAuth with the team at who includes the amazing crew behind the APIdays events. It was called “The Standard That Isn’t.” We almost called it the 57 Flavors of Authentication, but we thought we might get sued. Still better than 50 Shades of Authenticattion. Our position was that there were LOTS of REALLY ANNOYING problems with OAuth that made handling API authentication painful. You’d have thought that

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Finance API Ratings, Nov 3–10: Fractal Labs & CMA9 Banks

But first, something of interest In collaboration with our partners at Fractal Labs, we have completed our quest to get up and running with monitoring all nine CMA9 banks for the Open Banking – UK – Production category. Overall, for the week beginning 3 November 2020, we rate 82% of the CMA9 Open Banking – UK – Production APIs as good or excellent (CASC scores of 8.00 or over for good, 9.00 or over for excellent) and 18% as needing attention (CASC score between 6.00 and 7.99 inclusive). No CMA9 APIs are rated bad (CASC score of less than 6.00).

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API Ratings: Nov 3–10 | Microsoft Office

We look at over 100 APIs and pull all the metrics together to give you a general feeling for the service quality by way of API ratings in a particular category with a patented CASC score. Scroll down to see more1 But first: Something of interest Microsoft Office is a pretty strong API and, in particularly usually tops the API ratings category for Median Latency. It’s quite a competitive category in terms of median latency, so being able to sustain the API ratings edge for an extended period is a good effort. Azure is the fastest cloud in our API

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Finance API Ratings, Oct 26–Nov 3: Open Banking

We have now split out Open banking and other financial APIs we rate into separate weekly and monthly reports. This allows us to give you a more focused view of the APIs you care about. In particular, we’ve seen increased adoption of and interest in APIs in the financial sector as the uptake of Open Banking accelerates. At APImetrics over the last few weeks, we’ve been able to add many UK Open Banking APIs to the ones we monitor and the performance of which can be seen at our site. Now, onto what the past week tells us about

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API Ratings: Oct 26–Nov 3 | Facebook Falls Back | APImetrics

API Ratings: Oct 26–Nov 3 | Facebook Falls Back

We have now plunged screaming into November and the election from hell. But, to cheer us up, we’re going to look at API ratings for the last week! We launched earlier in the year as a simple way to provide everybody with insights into the API economy and the leading API ratings in different categories in particular. We are expanding our coverage of Open Finance APIs from around the world, so one of the major changes we made recently to these API ratings round-ups has been to pull out the financial APIs. Look out for the separate weekly and

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2020 election

APIs and the U.S. 2020 Election

The big 2020 election in the USA is ending today! And even though not all of us are in the U.S., there’s a lot of interest all round the world. When the results start coming in, people are going to want accurate information fast. News providers like television channels and websites will be publishing the information about the winners and losers and the latest tallies of votes. But where do the news providers get their information from? Of course, in 2020, the most reliable way of getting information is programmatically via a REST API. So if you are a website,

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