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Performance Comparison Metrics – New look!

The New Homepage with performance comparisons Our goal at APImetrics is to give our customers an easy way to manage performance for their APIs, both the ones that you provide and also the ones you depend on.As part of our ongoing improvements we have gone live with the first step towards meaningful Service Level management for APIs, with our new homepage with performance comparisons.https://vimeo.com/688654025 What you can do... The new project homepage is broken into 4 tabs which expose some of the key project functionality. These are:The existing project summary showing key performance data and the last 24 hours/2 weeks [...]

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API Ratings Advisory Board

A few months ago we announced that we would be formally creating an API Ratings service. While we have now launched a premium version of API.expert, which will provide you with the latest in data and metrics and ratings of leading APIs, we have worried for a while that by rating APIs and setting the rules and best practises compromises the value of our decision making, and we are now looking to address this with the creation of an advisory board for the API Ratings Agency.I am delighted to have such a fantastic group assembled to help me focus on [...]

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API Ratings Agency

An Independent API Ratings AgencyThis week, APImetrics and Tomato Pay have announced our partnership to deliver meaningful production metrics for UK Open Banking. I wanted to outline our vision for what comes next in the context of this partnership.APIs have taken the world over during the last few years, but they are often seen as a technical operation that most people assume simply work - or are monitored by somebody else.There have been articles about how successful Open Banking is – but that, in my opinion, ignores the reality that Open Banking is already hugely successful. The very fact that [...]

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APImetrics and tomato pay Partner to Deliver Open Banking Production Metrics

APImetrics partners with tomato pay to Provide Accurate Production Performance Metrics for UK Open Banking APIs Seattle, July 13, 2021 – APImetrics has partnered with tomato pay, QR-code-based payments app for businesses and sole traders, to launch the first independent production monitoring dashboard for Open Banking APIs. The API.expert dashboard will use tomato pay’s robust Open Banking connections to provide performance metrics on the top 30 regulated Open Banking brands in the UK, including AISP calls from the leading UK banks, for just $80 a month. This includes data on sandboxes and Open Data APIs. “Open banking is here to [...]

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API Cloud Performance Analysis

APIMETRICS API CLOUD PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS REPORT HIGHLIGHTS SUCCESS OF CLOUD PROVIDERS DESPITE THE PANDEMIC Increased load from significant growth in global digital operations notable from summer 2020 Seattle, July 1st 2021 – APImetrics today released the results of its comprehensive annual analysis of the performance of the major cloud service providers serving the critical API landscape. To produce the APImetrics API Cloud Performance Analysis Report, APImetrics made more than 187 million API calls to more than 4,200 different API endpoints in 2019 and more than 208 million API calls to more than 4,600 different API endpoints in 2020. Calls were [...]

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Simple Cross Cloud API Performance Data

Or... how to fine tune your containers Have you ever wanted to know if you've picked the right cloud or location for the job when you're building an Application? Well wonder no more, one of the features of API.expert (hassle free, code free monitoring) is the ability to see how a particular endpoint works from every public cloud data center from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM. And, if you're wondering why cross cloud API performance might matter for you, consider this. We see as much as 2 seconds per transaction difference between the BEST and WORST data centers for many leading APIs. [...]

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API.expert Low Cost, Hassle Free Performance Monitoring Has Arrived

LOW COST, HASSLE-FREE API PERFORMANCE MONITORING HAS ARRIVED 2000+ APIs monitored across tech, govt, and financial services from a $100 annual subscription Seattle, June 24 2021 – APImetrics is today launching a premium version of API.expert, an essential resource for API consumers, developers, and providers from all market sectors and industries. The new service monitors service provision from mainstream API providers such as Google, Slack and Microsoft, to specialist services within vertical markets.“APIs have become an essential part of the tech landscape, with more and more critical and essential services being delivered through them, from banking to healthcare, to the weather forecast [...]

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Meristem Inc. to resell APImetrics’ service in Japan

The Press Release speaks for itself, and we are delighted to be working with the team at Meristem to resell and support our products in Japan. Over the last 2 years we've slowly been building tracking with some of Japan's largest companies and now it's time to take things forward and to do that we needed a partner we could trust to take things forward. We're excited to be working with Hiroshi and the team at Meristem, and we predict exciting times ahead! As part of this work, we have added a Japanese language page to our site and will [...]

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Being Open about (API) Outages

Raise your hand if you think a Status Page for a service you provide or use is automatically updated Auth0 had significant API outages on April 20, 2021 that lasted from about 15:30 UTC. until 19:20 UTC. This impacted many services, including ours. Outages happen; that’s not the problem. But what happened around the reporting of it, and the communication of the outage to users, is a symptom of a wider problem in the tech sector. Auth0 started reporting the outage minutes after it had started. But rather than admitting to a widespread outage, they referred to “an increased error rate.” [...]

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Auth0 Outage April 20, 2021 – 3 hours

Today's Auth0 OutageAPImetrics, along with many other services, utilizes a 3rd party provider, Auth0, to operate our sign-in and user authentication processes.   What Happened?Auth0's services in North America failed between 15:35UTV and 15:39UTC on April 21, 2021 making it impossible for our users to sign into their dashboards. For that we are sincerely sorry and we are re-evaluating our use of Auth0 to determine if there is a better provider or other ways to mitigate against the problems reoccurring. The service was restored between 19:14 and 19:18UTC according to our monitoring. Did it impact our monitoring?No. During this period our operational services were [...]

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