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API Security

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API Security Monitoring

API security is complex and relies on many systems working together as expected. Avoid breaches and failures with active monitoring of critical scenarios. With APImetrics you can monitor and verify all the critical services work as expected.

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API Security API Keys OAuth
API Security API Keys OAuth
API Security Monitoring

Trust, but verify, monitor critical API security configurations from anywhere with real calls

API Key Security

Centrally store and manage API keys and make universal changes without having to redefine monitoring scenarios. System automatically places keys correctly in Header or Body depending on what is required.


Integrated OAuth manager with support for OAuth 1.0 & 2.0, set ClientID and Secret and create Scope specific tokens which can be used across multiple calls and scenarios. Token refresh and token expiration managed for you.


Java Web Script and Java Web Token OAuth supported with advanced scripting and settings to enable transactions that meet the exacting standards of financial services regulators around the world.

“It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in.  Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.”

Val Novikov, CTO, Fispan

Negative Scenario Monitoring

Override default assertions

Override default conditions easily to spot for potential breaches. Configure API calls with specific geographic or scope related locks in the OAuth flow and then monitor from around the world and the cloud to spot for potential breaches and more.

Spot Unexpected Passes

Look for passes that shouldn’t happen and spot potential gaps being open by accidental or unplanned changes elsewhere in the stack.Spot security problems or issues before your users do, or fix problems before a potential breach becomes serious.

API status code custom assertions

Advanced Auth Management

API token expiration

Fully customizable authentication

Fully controllable and customizable authentication manager, with integrated support for all forms of OAuth, including the ability to custom edit Tokens and returned JSON objects.

Integrated Token Support

Automatically review or track Token expiration times and trigger events based on under performing Tokens that expire before they are meant to.

Custom Scope Management

Manage Secrets

USe ClientID and Secrets securely within our product and share with team members as needed. Share tokens between test cases and quickly update security scenarios across multiple test cases.

Define custom scopes

Define and manage custom scopes for use in API and security monitoring. Verify that APIs, resources and more can’t be accessed with the incorrect scopes and ensure that services are locked down and stay locked down.

API advanced settings

Fully featured active security monitoring for all your scenarios

Financial Services Ready

Authentication management with secure handling of Mutual TLS certificates designed for the needs of the financial services industry around the world. Securely test your production environments with positive and negative scenarios. Have full confidence that if there is a problem, you’ll know about it before it hits users or worse, gets exploited.

Global Cover

Global monitoring network with over 75 locations across all 4 major cloud providers. Identify potential problems between your servers and public cloud systems. See DNS or handshake problems before they impact partners and users.

ID Manager & Gateway Ready

With partnerships in place with many of the world’s leading gateway and identity management providers, APImetrics is ready to integrate directly with your preferred infrastructure whether it’s from Ping Identity, IBM, Axway or others.

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