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API Monitoring

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Intelligent API Monitoring

Award winning API Monitoring tools to measure quality, performance, uptime, security functionality and compliance of all your critical APIs. Create dashboards, status pages, performance and benchmarking reports for any REST and SOAP API. Fast integration into other DevOps tools.

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Active Monitoring for APIs
Active Monitoring for APIs
APImetrics API testing

Know about issues

before your users tell you

Multi-step calls

Monitor all the API sequences critical to you and your users. Verify they do what you think they do and work even when you’re not looking.

Cross-Cloud from 75+ locations

Monitor all the API sequences critical to you and your users. Verify they do what you think they do and work even when you’re not looking.

Verify all API functionality

Verify APIs do what you think they do and work even when you’re not looking. Monitor critical security scenarios for unexpected holes and failures.

Performance, SLAs and more

Measure latency, network effects, uptime, quality and more with a fully integrated performance management, SLAs, reporting and dashboards.

Real time alerts

Trigger alerts via email or webhook to your preferred tools. Over a dozen integrations set up for fast connections.

Easy setup, rapid import

Easy to use and setup with our call creator or sync collections direct from your API documentation via Postman, OpenAPI and more.

“It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in.  Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.”

Val Novikov, CTO, Fispan

AI Driven Insights don’t miss

hard to spot problems

Many API issues can be hard to spot or get lost in the noise leading to confusion between Ops teams, support, customers or even regulators.

Our AI systems, trained on our database of over a billion real API calls, monitors performance and spots trends, issues and problems before they impact users.

api monitoring automated outlier detection

Any API Request

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more, to handle any type of HTTP request in our similar call manager.

Define Conditions

Set conditions, override expected HTTP return codes for 200 ‘failures’, set variables on a test or global basis.

Authentication Manager

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys, OAuth, including JWT and JWS. Test scopes, token validity and much more.

Networking Issues

Gain insight into DNS issues between cloud hosts, connection problems and get break downs of time to first and last byte, server times and more.

Corporate IT API Performance Dashboard

Performance Management with

dashboards, API comparisons and SLAs

Define and monitor SLAs for availability and latency. See quality metrics using the CASC (Cloud API Service Consistency) measure.

See benchmarks for your API against all types of API call, or just similar API calls in your industry using data drawn from our database of over 1 billion REAL API calls.


Sync with your favorite API collection manager, or write directly to our API for your own import and Continuous Integration scenarios for testing.


Out of the box integrations for Postman, OpenAPI, Slack, DataDog, HipChat, OpsGenie and many more to make us an essential part of your existing processes.

Audit Trail

As long as you’re a customer, we have the results, and in most cases, even the content returned by your APIs for as long as you’re a customer.

Your customers and users aren’t all on the same cloud, why monitor from one?

In a modern world of containers and serverless architectures, you have little visibility on where your customers and partners are hosting or build on. Why would you risk only monitoring from a single cloud service. With APImetrics, you don’t have to compromise on monitoring. With 75+ locations on public cloud locations around the world, with a dynamic scheduling engine that allows you to set call frequencies and even downtime, you don’t have to be limited to AWS because that’s what somebody picked as their platform.

APImetrics global coverage API monitoring API monitoring tools
Dynamic Intelligent API call scheduling

Intelligent Scheduler

Unless you want to pick specific combinations to monitor from, our intelligent scheduler does the work of making sure that over the course of a day your APIs are exercised randomly from the locations you pick, giving you full coverage and confidence in performance.

Downtime Manager

Schedule downtime for your APIs to avoid being hit with errors or SLA issues when you expect to be down. We also provide an API to automatically integrate downtime from other developer tools.

Indefinite Data Storage

As long as you’re a customer, we store your data for analysis

Yes, that’s indefinite storage for customers – want to look for an old trend, see something from months or a year ago?

All the results are stored in our product for later review. If you realize that a change months ago much have impacted things but you’re not sure when and it’s beyond the horizon for what you store in Splunk? Then we’ve got you covered.


Indefinite storage of API results

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