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API Technology

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New to the API economy, our entry level articles cover key definitions and what are APIs?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for APIs

APIs are critical to a host of business operations and services, but how do you monitor the service level you are getting? With APImetrics monitoring you can track critical API SLA numbers mutually and report to all stakeholders that you’re delivering what you expect to, or that you’re getting what you pay for.

How do you agree on an SLA and how do you prove it?

How do both parties in the API contract agree on what they’re getting? How do you know what you’re delivering to a 3rd party or accurately track what it is you’re receiving?

We’ll break this down for you:

  • Where do you measure from?
  • How do you measure up-time?
  • How do you understand consistency?
  • How do you prove it?

These are complex questions – but we do have an answer.

Diagram of Service Level Agreement

Where do you measure from?

Calls made in Asia can easily take twice as long as the same call made in the USA. Even inside the USA, there can be as much as a 25% difference in speed from coast to coast.

Location affects performance a LOT more than people think. What a ping tool tells you about connection time might bear little or no relation to the experience of end users.

DNS Problems

What are you measuring?

In our survey of performance across >1000 APIs, we found there was a persistent error rate of about 0.5%. But all services have downtime for maintenance, for example. So the more important metric was how consistent the service was over time.

How do you measure performance that falls outside normal performance expectations? We call them outliers. How do you factor them into your results?

Service Level Objectives versus Service Level Agreements

Even before you agree on an SLA, you need to know what Service Levels are actually being achieved. APImetrics can help determine the actual service levels delivered by critical APIs to avoid setting SLAs that cannot be enforced or will be broken as soon as they are established.

Total SLA Assurance for all parties

With APImetrics we can monitor the delivered Service Levels for both parties, as an independent 3rd party and provide alerts and automated reports when SLAs are missed with clear guides on how long issues lasted and the impact they could have had on services – even down to whether it was specific to a region or even a particular cloud provider.

Never get caught out and have total assurance that you’re getting the level of service you’re paying for.

Corporate IT API Performance Dashboard

Want to learn more?

Check out some of our other technical articles on measuring SLAs and API quality or reach out for a free consultation on the APIs that are concerning you. Never get caught out by a customer or supplier again.

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Service Level Agreements and KPIs for APIs