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API Movers and Shakers: Your Weekly API Performance Report

Spring has sprung! And our weekly API performance report is here. For our new readers, hello! This report is culled from our data and from that info, we give you the movers and shakers in each sector. You can also see on our new slick API Directory! Don’t see your favorite APIs listed? Let […]

API Movers and Shakers: Your Weekly API Performance Report

Once again, U.S. Government APIs are not doing so well. FEMA in the US Government Collection was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 5.72. This was primarily due to an outage on the 7th of March, which saw the requests to most endpoints timeout. There was also a scattering of failures throughout […]

Weekly API Performance Report: Movers and Shakers

Here are our highlights for the week in APIs. We tell you who’s up, who’s down, and who dropped out completely. Are the APIs you depend on included? If not, let us know and we’ll add them to our collection. And if you still haven’t signed up for a demo, what are you waiting for? […]

Coinlore is a cryptocurrency market data provider that was founded in 2017. The platform aggregates data from various cryptocurrency exchanges and provides users with real-time market data, historical price charts, and other relevant information.

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are a way for different software programs to communicate with each other. Coinlore provides several APIs to enable users to access its market data and other features. These APIs include a public API, which allows users to access real-time market data and historical price charts, as well as a widget API, which allows users to embed Coinlore’s market data widgets into their websites.

Coinlore’s public API is designed to be user-friendly and supports both REST and WebSocket protocols. The API provides users with a range of market data, including price quotes, volume, market capitalization, and other key metrics for various cryptocurrencies. The API is free to use, but users are required to sign up for an API key to access its features.

Coinlore’s widget API allows users to embed its market data widgets into their websites. These widgets include price tickers, market cap rankings, and other real-time market data. The widget API is designed to be easy to use and can be customized to match the user’s website design.

In terms of security, Coinlore takes several measures to protect its users’ data and maintain the integrity of its market data. The platform uses SSL encryption to secure its website and API endpoints, which prevents unauthorized access to users’ data. Coinlore also implements rate limits on its APIs to prevent excessive usage and abuse.

Coinlore also relies on a team of data analysts to ensure the accuracy and quality of its market data. These analysts monitor various cryptocurrency exchanges and verify the data that is collected by Coinlore’s APIs. This helps to prevent errors and inaccuracies in the platform’s market data, which can have a significant impact on trading decisions.

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