Community Features – Sharing Tests and Keys

We've been working hard on making it very easy not just to test APIs, but also to share your tests and tokens too.  We've now implemented the first set of features for community use. The first set of features are focused on enabling you to share tests publicly.  In any test case you set up, you can set to share it publicly, and use the URL for the test case to share it with anybody.  Shared test cases can be reviewed by anybody, as can the set up for the keys involved.  You can also look at the headers used [...]

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API Support the use of errors – Yahoo BOSS

One of the things we have noticed as we increase our test coverage, is that in addition to the poor quality of the documentation, there a lot of randomness in the errors we get sent back.  Today's case in point being the Yahoo BOSS API. Configuring the test cases required enabling billing support which we were fine with, and for the levels of use we're going to have, it won't be a huge amount.  Once set up, the first query went through just fine, returning a HTTP 200 and a nicely formatted block of JSON with the search data enclosed. [...]

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