Intelligent API Monitoring

Production API monitoring is hard. 

APImetrics makes it easy with simple active monitoring.

Monitor, report, measure and prove your API metrics

Developers & DevOps

70% of API problems are missed by most tools & systems.

See issues before users & customers hit them and get real-time alerts.

Users & Consumers

APIs run your world.
Who's watching the APIs?

Code-free, hassle-free data on all the APIs you rely on.

Managers & Regulators

Are all stakeholders in agreement?

Independent API performance data you can trust generated in the way 3rd parties use APIs.

Key Solutions

Banking & Finance

OBUK, PSD2, FDX and other regulator-ready production API monitoring serving banks & fintechs globally

API Monitoring

From a simple API check to secure, complex workflows with detailed insights & metrics we have you covered

Performance Dashboards

With, APImetrics offers detailed performance data on 1000s of APIs from 100s of providers

Real API calls.
Integrated reporting, security & real-time alerting.

Monitor real-API calls

Create synthetic REST or SOAP API calls with a simple editor or sync directly to specifications or tools like Postman. Set assertions, conditions and variables and then run from them any major cloud data center.

But there is so much more: built-in reporting, AI driven analysis, and bank grade security. 

api monitoring for dummies

Look beyond pass-rates and see API availability from where your users are . APImetrics can also show you where your availability metrics stack up against competitors and other technologies.

Whether it’s code-free, developer-free API datasets from or a full API monitoring stack for complex Open Banking scenarios, APImetrics has you covered.


There’s more to API latency than just how long an API call takes.

Real-time API metrics – including connect times, DNS and more – from every public data center and major cloud provider.

See where API calls are fastest, where your bottlenecks are and where each latency component sits in relation to what you should expect.


Take the guesswork out of API monitoring with Cloud API Consistency Scoring (CASC). It’s a confidence score for your APIs.

Get at-a-glance indications of API service health before it affects users and regulators. See how other services stack up and verify all your API data.

Get ahead of compliance, SLA and governance issues straight from your monitoring solution.

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