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Is everything really 200 OK?Is it us or the cloud?Did something break unexpectedly?Are we meeting our SLAs?How do we prove compliance?Are we getting what we pay for?Really understand your APIs

Real time, AI driven, API monitoring

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API Monitoring

Conventional stack, gateway or web tools miss as much as 70% of the issues that hit APIs.

Never miss another critical issue again with APImetrics AI driven API monitoring.

Learn more about API Monitoring
Learn more about API Monitoring


Make calls from any application server, anywhere in the world with fully functional API test tools.


Make functional API calls over and over from any cloud, any location. Gain meaningful insights into performance and issues.


Report to regulators, customers and users with complete 3rd party assurance.


Monitor your API security model for issues with OAuth, geography and content.

Banking API Compliance

Meaningful reports

Monitoring your APIs is only part of the story – understanding what the monitoring tells you is essential. With clear, integrated reporting APImetrics provides everything from public dashboards through to AI driven insights into where problems and issues might be.

Banking API Compliance
See all reporting options
See all reporting options

Get the full picture with CASC

Cloud API Consistency Scoring (CASC) is a ‘credit score’ for APIs that takes the guesswork out of monitoring – get straight to the heart of the problem while saving time and money.

Understanding CASC Scoring
Box Get User Info API Map api monitoring tools
Understanding CASC Scoring
Detailed API performance data with DNS, TCP and Processing times

Rest easy with real API calls

Fully functional, award winning API monitoring tool with multi-step REST or SOAP API calls, content validation, and integrated security management from 74 different locations and clouds worldwide.

Real-time alerting of issues via email or webhooks to your favorite tools and integrated reporting and machine learning based insights.

Detailed API performance data with DNS, TCP and Processing times
See all the features
See all the features

What our users & partners say

[APImetrics] helped us to increase visibility of our APIs performance and significantly improved awareness. It’s great to understand what challenges we would need to deal with once our international footprint increases… we were in a process of finishing up major internal stack optimizations and APImetrics really helped to measure/confirm improvements. More improvements are coming and it’s great to have an independent benchmark to compare against.

Val Novikov - CTO, FiSpan

It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in.  Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.

Brent Shaw, Customer Support Manager, Iteris

APImetrics monitoring solution complements the analytics already offered by the enterprise-grade Axway 5 Suite, to control and optimize the flow of data in business-to-business interactions and communities…

Mike Dayton Senior VP , Axway

Rather than an inside-out view, we realized that we needed a specialized tool that could give us visibility into the performance of our site and apps in the same way that the rest of the internet sees us…

Richard Marshall, Principal Engineer, First Utility

We use the APImetrics platform to monitor the performance of the AT&T developer portal…

Ed Schmidt, Manager AT&T Developer Program, AT&T
Barclays APImetrics
24-7 Entertainment
MCG APImetrics
New Zealand Ministry of Business and Innovation
FiSpan APImetrics Customer
Axway APImetrics

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