Weekly API Performance Report Wk Ending 10-25-2013

The two big stories of the week are the Facebook Share outage and the Google auth outage.  While both were short lived – Facebook lasted about 3 hours and Google 45 minutes… the number of people affected in them is staggering.  These are APIs handling vast numbers of transactions an hour, These outages impacted millions of people.

Apart from that, as usual, we’re seeing very few services able to run for a week without some form of outage.  Least reliable remains LinkedIn with a wide variety of failures randomly through the week, with Intel’s Cloud Platform coming in a close second in terms of reliability.

Microsoft Live oAuth persists as the most reliable service we’re currently tracking.

Now we’re live we’re looking for suggestions of APIs to track, and ideally, developers who want to create the tests that they’re interested in.

Register today and start tracking those APIs.

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