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Types of API Calls Supported by APImetrics

APImetrics currently supports the common standards for APIs in use in Service Orientated Architectures (SOA), mobile application development, SaaS (Software as a Service) and similar systems.

APIs allow different systems to communicate with each other. It lets a mobile app talk to a social network, or a payments service work the same way across the web, TV, mobile and other platforms.

REST is a Representational State Transfer. It’s a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol that usually uses HTTP. APImetrics lets you create all types of REST-based calls and supports all common REST security standards. We also parse and handle both JSON and XML returned content.

SOAP – is a Simple Object Access Protocol. This is a messaging protocol that’s often used in older or enterprise software systems, and usually returns XML.

APImetrics uses a simple, intuitive interface to create and manage your API calls.

Visual editor for API calls

Visual editor for API calls