David O’Neill – CEO

David has over a decade of experience working in the technology sector either in startups or mobile technology providers.  Prior to founding APImetrics, David worked in the API consulting space as founder of Viafo, providing simplified Social Networking solutions to developers and publishers.  Prior to founding APImetrics David worked in a global sales and business development role for Symphony Teleca. David was an early team member of the mobile internet lab, where he led the company’s sales efforts, leading to the eventual acquisition of the company by Argogroup.

David O'Neill APImetrics CEO

Nick Denny – VP Engineering

Nick started out as a embedded and mobile systems expert before building out the core cloud technology behind the Viafo Services Gateway and now the APImetrics API Monitoring platform.  Nick has worked with some of the major names in mobile solutions including Microsoft and Sony Ericsson, delivering a range of mobile focused solutions.  Nick has worked extensively on API authentication problems talking to developer groups about the challenges of oAuth and supporting carrier initiatives with handling the challenging problem of HTML5 apps.

Nick Denny

The Team

John Cooper – VP Sales and Partnerships

John has a background working with large enterprises across the mobile and technology sector. Former managing director of Symphony Teleca’s UK operation. John has worked with many of the largest and most innovative companies in the mobile world like Nokia, Microsoft and more.


Ian Watson – Developer Outreach

Ian has a background in Marketing and Advertising. Spending the last three years as a Technical Account Manager for Microsoft Xbox Advertising, he has built a strong skillset in both Marketing and the technical aspects of the business. Ian specializes in Social Media Marketing, Interactive Advertising and Evangelism.

Ian Watson Developer Evangelist