Open Government

Open data is the cornerstone of your digital open government strategy – all powered by Open Government APIs.

But how do you know it’s working?

APImetrics has you covered.

Meaningful performance data for all stakeholders in your digital government experience with accurate open government API tracking.

Open Government APIs

APIs play an essential role in delivering valuable data to the public. Data consumers need confidence that the government is dedicated to not only exposing the data, but also to making sure it’s continually accessible.  APImetrics help make sure your open data stays open.

Cloud API Integration

Whether you realize it or not, you are likely interacting with several APIs a day, especially in a ‘cloud-first’ environment. Understanding how these APIs perform can identify bottlenecks and save you from making unnecessary investments based on false positive results.

Track and monitor what you really need to know

Using our patent pending technology, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning tools, APImetrics provides crucial insights to make sure your APIs meet functional and operational expectations. Whether you consume SaaS solutions or have internally-developed APIs, we help you maintain accountability through an continuous, accurate picture of performance.

Legacy System Modernization

By ensuring fast, easy access to legacy data, APIs can unlock legacy information to integrate with other cloud or modern applications. Leveraging APIs to connect legacy systems can save agencies significant amounts of money by eliminating the need for expensive replacements. APImetrics helps you ensure their performance

Internal System Integration and Data Optimization

APIs that sit behind your firewall play a crucial role in sharing mission critical data between systems and with the right stakeholders. Monitoring these can help you find and fix issues proactively so the mission keeps on moving.

Easy to use, with no programming required

API Metrics is easy to set up and use. Easily create tests through a customizable web editor, bulk importer, or the APImetrics API. Tests can run inside your agency’s firewall or in our secure cloud that meets many FISMA and FEDRAMP requirements.

A 360Âș view of your APIs – including third parties

With constantly changing standards and daily updates, it’s not just about your performance. You could be impacted by account service providers, payment providers and other factors.

See a real-time total view of all potential impact points so you can take steps to resolve problems and disputes. And give assurance than your Open Government APIs work as expected from where users are encountering them.

Government API performance rankings APImetrics API rating

Take a detailed look

Download a detailed introduction to APImetrics and learn how we are bringing common standards to API monitoring with integrated monitoring, performance assurance and compliance analysis!

Monitor All Aspects of Government
Data APIs


Test from the locations you and your stakeholders actually use.

Establish and then track key API SLAs using real data and based on real user experience.


Run from inside the firewall. Conduct real world performance monitoring over live networks. Integrated authentication. Support for OAuth & OAuth 2.0+JWS/JWT.


Integrate with existing visualization and log tools, such as Splunk, logRhythm and more.

Create custom dashboards for internal and external stakeholders.

API Monitoring

SaaS solutions. Internally-developed APIs. We help you maintain accountability through every performance phase.

APImetrics dashboards
Any API Request

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more – any type of HTTP request – in our similar call manager.

Define Conditions

Set conditions. Override expected HTTP return codes for 200 failures. Set variables on a test or global basis.

Authentication Manager

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys & OAuth including JWT and JWS. Test scopes and token validity.

Networking Issues

Gain insight into DNS issues and connection problems. Get breakdowns of latency and server times.

Accurate performance dashboards for internal and external use

Oversight & Regulations

Have real-time records on hand, in the right format, and resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Take the pain out of managing technical specifications for APIs in sectors like Financial Services, Open ID and Insurance.

Confident SLAs

Offer or demand SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with confidence.

Measure delivered Service Levels and use as the basis for agreements. Drive SLA management with independent monitoring.

Practical Benchmarks

Understand how you measure up to other APIs in your industry.

Benchmarks are driven by our database of over a billion real API calls. Data is broken down by pass rates and latency and quality scores.

Ready to start monitoring?

Want to learn more? Check out our technical knowledge base, our sector-by-sector data, and our guide to the API economy.

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