Open Banking and Financial Services

APImetrics is the leading provider of monitoring solutions for Open Banking APIs.

Whether you are a bank, a TPP, a provider of PSD2 or other Open Banking services, APImetrics can monitor, alert and provide independent validation and reporting on your critical regulated APIs.

Find our why banks are turning to us.

Why wait?

With APImetrics financial services and banking monitoring, you can be up and running with a complete heartbeat production monitoring solution for all your Open Banking and Financial Services needs.

  • easy to configure and maintain
  • fully integrated security
  • all standard OAuth sign in flows supported
  • comprehensive user audit trails
  • custom reports for all stakeholders
  • integrations to common DevOps tools
  • leading standards supported for secure JWT signing and mTLS
  • trusted by global banks of all sizes

Get the accountability you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Sign up for a free APImetrics account today and save time, effort and money with our AI based automated monitoring solutions.

Replace internal teams and tooling with an efficient, cost-effective and easy to maintain monitoring and reporting solution built for the needs of banks and TPPs.

From $1,200 per month

Regulator ready external performance monitoring for critical APIs, from just $1,200 per month per brand.

Know fast. Know first.

Get warned about outages and potential security issues BEFORE customers or partners find out.

Monitor all your scenarios from where partners, TPPs, AISPs and others are hosted and see potential problems before they notice them and fix them. Integrate direct to key systems like Service Now.

Full audit trail

Need to prove what you were returning on a given day? You’ll have that data to hand, instantly – forever.

APImetrics stores all results, scores and indexes – even down to the content returned.

Working with global standards bodies
Fdata & APImetrics
OpenAPI Initiative & APImetrics
Financial Data Exchange FDE & APImetrics
secure banking call back

Designed for Real Banking Security

Manage Real Sign In Flows

Workflows automatically handle the process of manual user authentication and call back process securely and easily.

Refresh Tokens

System handles refresh tokens and manages any type of open banking authentication.


Transport certificates and signing certificates stored in encrypted data stores to FIPS140 standards.


Easy to set up and maintain multiple account types and change them while maintaining secure access. Tie production accounts to a single signing certificate and maintain everything in a simple dashboard.

Generating actionable intelligence
FI.SPAN & APImetrics
“It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in. Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.”
Val Novikov - CTO, FiSpan

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Download a detailed introduction to APImetrics and learn how we are bringing common standards to API monitoring with integrated monitoring, performance assurance and compliance analysis!

Standards matter.
Can you prove compliance?

Open Banking initiatives like the Payment Services Directive 2 PSD2 or the UKs CMA9 regulations are forcing banks to interact. But do you know the quality of other banks’ services?

What is impacting your users, customers and partnerships? Is it beyond your control? How do your services measure up?

APImetrics API monitoring and testing with CASC scores: up-to-date, accurate reporting of all the services you supply or depend on, and how they impact your business.

Automated third-party reporting means you can back up your claims to regulators and regional ICOs. Save time, effort and money with our AI based, automated solutions.

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