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Do you know how your APIs stack up to your competitors? Do you know if the APIs you buy are working as expected?

Save time and money working with scripts, home-built solutions, and chasing down accurate API data.

Detailed API reporting from just $25 a month at API.expert.

Leading business, banking, messaging APIs, geographic locations, and more!


Quality Matters.

With our unique, patented CASC scoring, API.expert quickly analyzes all the API performance metrics and KPIs of your APIs and delivers a simple quality score out of 10.

If your API scores above 8, things are probably good. If it’s below 8, start digging in.

Simple to use. Easy to understand.

Full audit trail

Need to prove what your APIs were doing on a given day? What about from a specific location, or within a particular cloud service?

You’ll have that API data on hand, instantly – forever.

APImetrics stores all results, scores and indexes – even down to the content returned.

Generate Actionable API Performance Analytics
Dev-free DevOps

We hold the patent on accurate, external API performance analytics and reporting.

APImetrics gives you trend analysis, history, and meaningful SLA measurement. You can deliver shared and public reports as well as detailed issue reporting for engineering to resolve problems quickly.

Datasets include Open Banking, Fintech, PSD2, Corporate APIs and more. Hundreds of data points and years of performance metrics. Analyze and compare with your own service performance.

Identify potential issues in the APIs you rely on and see where you rank. Have confidence in your service with the tools you need to discuss performance in context.

Compare Multiple APIs at once
Detailed Project Summaries
Detailed Statistical Analysis
With months of data on hundreds of APIs
Custom Graphs and Reports
Compare active API performance for latency, availability and quality. See SLA reports.
Build your own API Performance analytics from real API calls
api monitoring for dummies
Any API Request

Handle GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and more – any type of HTTP request – in our similar call manager.

Fully Customized

Set conditions. Override expected HTTP return codes for 200 failures. Set variables on a test or global basis.

Authentication Manager

Fully integrated security manager for API Keys & OAuth including JWT and JWS. Test scopes and token validity.

Networking Issues

Gain insight into DNS issues and connection problems. Get breakdowns of latency and server times.


Have real-time records on hand, in the right format, and resolve open banking disputes quickly and fairly.

Prove to regulators, regional ICOs and other governing bodies how you performed against standards.

Confident SLAs

Offer or demand SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with confidence.

Measure delivered Service Levels and use as the basis for agreements. Drive SLA management with independent monitoring.

Practical API Performance Analytics

Understand how you measure up to other APIs in your industry.

Benchmarks are driven by our database of over a billion real API calls. Data is broken down by pass rates, latency, and quality scores.

Ready to start monitoring?

Want to learn more? Check out our technical knowledge base, our sector-by-sector data, and our guide to the API economy.

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