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Is there a way to ensure that you’re getting the level of service a company has committed to?

When it comes to your business, you want everything to work like clockwork. But every time you involve a third party – vendors, clients, enterprises – you lose a bit of that control.

When you ask a third party to commit to a level of service, they only give you what they can measure. That means you can be up, but not usable. You can be functioning in one location, but unusable from another.

Is there a way to ensure that you’re getting the level of service a company has committed to?

There is. And you’ve found it.

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Real Time, Real World API Data

Are you curious about the performance of some of the APIs you depend on?  Or how about those you’re paying for? APImetrics is keeping a general eye on how the APIs stack up around the world and around the clouds.

Of course, this is data based on our keys and not yours.  By engaging with APImetrics, you can manage your suppliers and solve those annoying situations where it’s not clear where the problem actually is.

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Discover the value of APImetrics SLA Monitoring

  • Confirm actual Cloud and API based Service Levels and set measurable SLAs
  • Gain detailed insights on performance globally
  • Monitor actual Service Levels achieved in different regions and from different cloud services
  • Set latency-based SLAs
  • Share Service Level Data with clients and internal stakeholders

Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) Scores

APImetrics has developed the CASC scoring system to overcome the complicated, multi-modal challenge of how to measure a cloud, IOT or internet service. We take data points from around the world, performance outliers, uptime and more, and turn that data into a single, three-digit score. Think of it as a Credit Score for your API.

The higher your CASC score is, the better; the lower the score, the more problems you’ll have and the more issues you and your end users will encounter.

We offer consistent, customizable CASC scoring services, with a scoring system across any type of API. Whether you’re looking for corporate infrastructure APIs, Cloud, Search, Social and more, you can rely on APImetrics to give you the data you need to drive quality.

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