Simple Cross Cloud API Performance Data

Or… how to fine tune your containers

Have you ever wanted to know if you’ve picked the right cloud or location for the job when you’re building an Application? Well wonder no more, one of the features of (hassle free, code free monitoring) is the ability to see how a particular endpoint works from every public cloud data center from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM.

And, if you’re wondering why cross cloud API performance might matter for you, consider this. We see as much as 2 seconds per transaction difference between the BEST and WORST data centers for many leading APIs. And even then, in some APIs, like the one we demo here from Docusign, there’s over ONE SECOND difference in median DNS look up time performance between the best and worst locations.

We’ve put together a short video showing how for a low monthly fee you can have access to performance metrics on hundreds of real endpoints from some of the leading providers in the world, or you can set up your own fully functional API calls for just a few dollars more a month.

With the current setup you can download the performance data daily via a CSV file but we do have an easy to use JSON API coming shortly.

The graphical reports are all formatted for easy sharing too.

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