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What Do Telecoms And Banks Have In Common? APIs.

What do telecoms and banks have in common when it comes to APIs? Well, in the early days of the API revolution – as long as 3 or 4 years ago! – there was a race by telecoms to open up their backend services to APIs. The logic was they could monetize services like SMS, MMS, location, payment and so forth. What they wanted to avoid was being relegated to a role purely as a data and call provider. As a monitoring company, we did a number of projects with them. And one of the clear facts that emerged was that the dedicated startup companies who were building from an API strategy out were better at it than the carriers were. Companies like Twilio and Paypal simply had more reliable services that provided easier and better developer access. The ultimate result was that a lot of carrier and related [...]

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New: Monitoring the Untestable – A White Paper from APImetrics

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APImetrics has just published Monitoring the Untestable, a new white paper that focuses on the Catch-22* at the heart of PSD2 and open banking: if you don’t actively monitor your production environment with synthetic transactions, you have no idea whether your bank’s APIs […]

Issues in some public Insight CASC scores January 2018

By | February 2nd, 2018|Housekeeping|

A quick note, in some of the latest Insights reports we have a number of APIs showing a CASC Score of 0. Unfortunately, a number of APIs were added exactly as the monthly totals were run and this led to the generation of a number of these scores, they do […]

API Update Failure: Or, Beware Of The Leopard

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One of the ongoing potential API update failures is handling situations that commonly happen whenever you have to update them.

Updating an API is a perfectly natural thing to do. In fact, often you have to update an API for essential reasons – […]