• 500 calls per day
  • 15,500 per month


  • 2,500 calls per day
  • 80,000 per month


  • 10,000 calls per day
  • 300,000 per month


  • 30,000 calls per day
  • 1,000,000 per month


From $1000monthly
  • 1,500,000 per month
  • Multiple user accounts

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What Plan Do I Need?

All plans include:

  • Unlimited storage of ALL results (not just HTTP codes)**
  • Access to all features, services, reports and database
  • Alerts via webhooks & email – with no impact on quota
  • 70+ locations across 4 clouds
  • Setup your own custom agents – Grande and above

(*) – Price shown for annual pre-pay. Monthly billing incurs a 20% handling surcharge. Discounts available for multi-year commitments.

(**) – for returned packet sizes up to 1MB

Service, Migration and Support Options

Getting up to speed on a new product, especially where it might involve changing the way you monitor things can be challenging. To help counter this we offer a range of managed services to get you started and keep things moving.

If you already have a monitoring solution but you’re realizing the features are keeping up with your demands, we offer a free migration service for enterprise clients.

Managed Services

Pricing FAQ

About our plans

Q. The number of calls per day seems low?
A. We only count calls made from a location to a target endpoint in your daily quota. Calls to webhooks, our APIs to retrieve data and other similar calls are not included. This gives you as many as 4 times the useful calls you get from other services.

We also store ALL the results for an indefinite period of time. You won’t lose historical context or need to use – and pay for – other 3rd-party storage solutions.

Q. What do you mean by ‘Infinite Storage of Results’?
A. Exactly what we say! We store the results of every single result we capture on your APIs as long as your account is active. As we expand our machine learning tools and analysis, we’ll be able to give you more insight into what that data is telling you.

Q. How many APIs can I set up?
A. We have no limit on the number of APIs and services in your accounts at any tier. The only limit is the number of times they can be called from a specific location.

Q. Can any tier access all the locations?
A. Yes. All of our 68 global locations across 4 clouds are open to all. As more locations in the public cloud become available, we’ll add them.

Q. Can I have local monitoring inside my firewall?
A. That feature is available for Enterprise Customers, but we can discuss it for Venti plan holders. Just contact us.

Q. What happens if I go over quota?
A. Quotas are calculated and reset daily. So if you do go over quota, we give you a 5% buffer and then alert you. If you need more, you can just buy a top up

Pricing and Billing Questions

Q. How do you handle billing?
A. We have a secure billing site that uses Recurly and Paypal Merchant Services for billing Developer Tier accounts. Enterprises are invoiced based on Purchase Orders.

Q. What happens if I go over quota?
A. If you run out of quota by more than 5% we will stop running calls and warn you until the quota resets on the 1st of the month. If you want more quota, you can easily buy a top up to see you through the rest of the month

Q. Can I buy more quota?
A.¬†Yes. Simply go to the subscription page and pick a ‘top up’ and buy an additional monthly quota

Q. Can I pay monthly?
A. Yes but we add a small surcharge for monthly billing.

Q. Can I pay with a Purchase Order?
A. Yes, contact us for direct billing options.