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If we're up? Why are people complaining?How do we prove compliance to regulators?Is another service making us look bad?Comprehensive Banking, Insurance and Fintech Monitoring

Award winning API monitoring and compliance reporting product built for the needs of the financial sector

Why APImetrics?

Built from the ground up to monitor Open Banking, Financial Services, Payment and other APIs, APImetrics uses Award winning AI technology and a database of over a billion API calls to tell you what you need to know about your critical APIs, how well they work, if they meet regulator standards and much more.

Save time, effort and money by implementing APImetrics to monitor your developer APIs, partner APIs and critical connections.



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Clear compliance & performance reporting

Can you afford NOT to be monitoring your critical service compliance?

  • Analysis powered by a database of over a billion API calls from banks, governments, IoT and major SaaS solutions
  • Verifiable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Clear Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Measurable Key Performance Indicators for APIs
  • Build league tables of banking and finance API performance
  • Automatically generated compliance reports for your APIs
  • Understand how 3rd parties impact you
  • Set triggers and events based on changes in quality
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See where you stand

Using Cloud API Consistency Scoring (CASC)a simple ‘credit score’ for APIs and a database of billions of datapoints of how API calls across the financial services sector work, we can provide not only compliance reporting for regulators like the OBIE or EU, but also provide clear metrics on where your services standard against competitors and partners.

It’s not just about how well YOUR services work, but how a third party, another banking, TPP or ASP, might impact your brand. APImetrics provides clear comparative reporting and highlights where you can focus efforts to improve things, or where to take suppliers, partners and others to task for letting you down.

All done automatically with our Award Winning tool.

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Banking API Compliance
Detailed API performance data with DNS, TCP and Processing times

Real, secure API calls

Functional, multi-step REST or SOAP API calls with content validation and integrated security management from any cloud, anywhere – benchmarked against similar calls and services taken from a database of over 1 billion API transactions worldwide.

Security designed for the needs of the finance sector with 2 factor authentication, ISO27001 compliant cloud technology, support for MTLS and OAuth 2 with JWS and JWT integrated.



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Join the banks, fintech companies, ASPs and TPPs using APImetrics to monitor their APIs

[APImetrics] helped us to increase visibility of our APIs performance and significantly improved awareness. It’s great to understand what challenges we would need to deal with once our international footprint increases… we were in a process of finishing up major internal stack optimizations and APImetrics really helped to measure/confirm improvements. More improvements are coming and it’s great to have an independent benchmark to compare against.

Val Novikov - CTO, FiSpan

Additional Information

See sample reporting, more product data or download our latest financially focused White Papers.

Is your solution secure?2018-08-12T13:48:31+00:00

Yes. APImetrics is hosted on a fully SOC compliant platform that meets ISO27001 and other international security standards.

Can we alert through existing services?2018-08-12T09:51:55+00:00

Yes. APImetrics provides webhook based integration into most of the leading monitoring and alerting tools like Slack, Pager Duty, OpsGenie and more. We also provide a generic API for integration into a wider range of products including your own ‘in house’ solutions.

Can you import from existing services?2018-08-12T09:50:44+00:00

Yes. We can import from your existing documentation products like Postman, or OpenAPI and we can also integrate to gateways from leading solution providers like Axway, IBM and others.

Can we use this to report to regulators?2018-08-12T09:25:49+00:00

Yes. Some of our clients have already used this in discussions with regulators over reported API non-compliance. With our detailed reporting and long term data retention policies you will always be able to generate a report to handle any reported issue even if its months or even years old.

Can we monitor our developer resources?2018-08-12T09:24:10+00:00

Yes. We offer a managed service using our product to monitor that what you say to developers is what you actually deliver.

Can we test inside the firewall?2018-08-12T09:22:42+00:00

Yes. You will need to install a local agent to make calls to our secure backend but you’ll then be able to test internal connections. Our agent architecture has already been through security audits with other Fortune 500 companies and meets all leading security standards.

Can we host locally?2018-08-12T09:21:21+00:00

We can’t provide a locally hosted version of the product, but we can provide a completely dedicated Cloud Hosted solution just for your organization that makes use of the data from our core product.

Do you support Mutual TLS?2018-08-12T09:59:58+00:00

Yes, our agents are designed to allow easy uploading of your TLS certificates for extra call security.

Join the banks, insurance companies, fintech providers, TPPs and ASPs using APImetrics to meet all their API monitoring and compliance needs

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