New Reporting Format… Now with errors

For our signed in users, and if you haven’t signed up for a free account, you really should – you get much better access to the data, we’ve had a slight change to the database and we’re now recording the latency of test failures as well as passes.

For the astute among you, you’ll notice that some APIs are showing error rates but not actually showing error latencies. That’s because we’re only reporting actual server errors on the report, so that’s a 4XX or 5XX response from an API rather than something harder to diagnose like a timeout. As we’ve noted before, some APIs take a long time to respond with a pass – so we don’t classify a time out as an actual error. Of course, from the perspective of a mobile app developer, any API call taking which 0.5% of the time will timeout is pretty worrying. Especially if it’s something your users are calling multiple times a day.

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