New Importer – Better Postman, Github and OpenAPI Sync

An exciting day today! We have gone live with our new importer, this has been built in conjunction with our partners at APImatic, to provide a more effective way of integrating and then monitoring your API collections from Postman and other collection managers. Key features include:

No matter which option you choose, you’ll get 1 or more workflows with 1 or more API calls.

If you change your Postman collection, you can manually trigger a resync while will allow us to pull in the revised APIs – the user then has the option to create a new collection for monitoring purposes or use the current ones. This means you can version your APIs and have a full audit trail of performance data for comparison purposes.

Summary info here with list of all the supported formats here:

Coming soon, we will be providing a tighter integration to the Newman runtime which will allow continuous external monitoring with reliable OAuth based authentication from a variety of locations.


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