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Quick housekeeping announcement, we’ve just expanded our agent network again. Adding 10 more locations, mostly from Google – covering multiple European locations and for the first time adding in Australia and South America.  We’ve also made the IP addresses for the agents public and put those out here.

This brings our global network of public agents up to 74, more with our agents in China and private client agents.

AWS Asia-Pacific Northeast (Tokyo)AWSTokyoJapan13.230.225.195
AWS Asia-Pacific Northeast 2 (Korea)AWSKoreaKorea13.124.218.140
AWS Asia-Pacific South (India)AWSIndiaIndia35.154.219.154
AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast (Singapore)AWSSinagporeSingapore13.251.81.58
AWS Asia-Pacific Southeast 2 (Sydney)AWSSydneyAustralia54.66.129.102
AWS Canada Central (Quebec)AWSQuebecCanada35.183.39.141
AWS Europe Central (Frankfurt)AWSFrankfurtGermany18.184.236.194
AWS Europe West 1 (Ireland)AWSIrelandIreland34.246.134.122
AWS Europe West 2 (London)AWSLondonUK52.56.125.167
AWS Europe West 3 (Paris)AWSParisFrance35.180.39.238
AWS South-America East (Sao Paulo)AWSSao PauloBrasil18.231.148.71
AWS US East (N. Virginia)AWSN. VirginiaUSA18.209.8.237
AWS US East 2 (Ohio)AWSOhioUSA18.222.143.173
AWS US West 1 (N. California)AWSN. CaliforniaUSA54.153.126.231
AWS US West 2 (Oregon)AWSOregonUSA52.40.68.2
Azure Asia East (Hong Kong)AzureHong KongHong Kong40.83.73.26
Azure Asia Southeast (Singapore)AzureSinagporeSingapore104.215.148.226
Azure Australia East (New South Wales)AzureNew South WalesAustralia23.101.219.102
Azure Australia Southeast (Victoria)AzureVictoriaAustralia23.101.230.29
Azure Brazil South (Sao Paulo)AzureSao PauloBrasil191.232.197.205
Azure Canada Central (Toronto)AzureTorontoCanada40.85.231.209
Azure Canada East (Quebec)AzureQuebecCanada40.86.219.6
Azure Europe North (Ireland)AzureIrelandIreland104.41.231.71
Azure Europe West (Netherlands)AzureNetherlandsNetherlands23.97.128.247
Azure India Central (Central)AzureCentral IndiaIndia104.211.95.244
Azure India South (Chennai)AzureChennaiIndia104.211.225.220
Azure India West (Mumbai)AzureMumbaiIndia104.211.155.54
Azure Japan East (Tokyo)AzureTokyoJapan40.115.142.32
Azure Japan West (Osaka)AzureOsakaJapan40.74.76.245
Azure Korea Central (Seoul)AzureSeoulKorea52.231.67.149
Azure Korea South (Busan)AzureBusanKorea52.231.156.73
Azure UK South (London)AzureLondonUK51.140.8.27
Azure UK West (Cardiff)AzureCardiffUK51.140.243.230
Azure US Central (Iowa)AzureIowaUSA40.113.236.215
Azure US Central North (Illinois)AzureIllonoisUSA65.52.197.70
Azure US Central South (Texas)AzureTexasUSA104.214.49.202
Azure US East (Virginia)AzureVirginiaUSA13.68.129.87
Azure US East 2 (Virginia)AzureVirginiaUSA104.210.11.191
Azure US West (California)AzureCaliforniaUSA104.42.37.48
Google Asia East 1 (Changhua County, Taiwan)GoogleTaiwanTaiwan35.229.240.175
Google Asia Northeast 1 (Tokyo, Japan)GoogleTokyoJapan104.198.83.225
Google Asia South 1 (Mumbai, India)GoogleMumbaiIndia35.200.211.197
Google Asia Southeast 1 (Jurong West, Singapore)GoogleSingaporeSingapore35.240.214.54
Google Australia Southeast 1 (Sydney, Australia)GoogleSydneyAustralia35.189.7.94
Google Europe North 1 (Hamina, Finland)GoogleHaminaFinland35.228.47.143
Google Europe West 1 (Belgium)GoogleBelgiumBelgium35.189.201.203
Google Europe West 2 (London, UK)GoogleLondonUK35.230.154.98
Google Europe West 3 (Frankfurt, Germany)GoogleFrankfurtGermany35.234.98.132
Google Europe West 4 (Eemshaven, Netherlands)GoogleEemshavenNetherlands35.204.190.254
Google North America Northeast 1 (Montreal, Canada)GoogleMontrealCanada35.203.3.245
Google South America East 1 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)GoogleSao PauloBrasil35.198.28.161
Google US Central 1 (Iowa)GoogleIowaUSA35.232.130.56
Google US East 1 (South Carolina)GoogleSouth CarolinaUSA35.237.213.134
Google US East 4 (N. Virginia)GoogleN. VirginiaUSA35.199.44.75
Google US West 1 (Oregon)GoogleOregonUSA35.230.8.220
IBM Cloud Asia East HKG02 (Hong Kong)IBMHong KongHong Kong119.81.152.198
IBM Cloud Asia-East (SNG01) [Singapore, SG]IBMSingaporeSingapore161.202.17.200
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific East (TOK02) [Tokyo, JP]IBMTokyoJapan161.202.71.142
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific South (MEL01) [Melbourne, AU]IBMMelbourneAustralia168.1.103.182
IBM Cloud Asia-Pacific Southeast (SYD01) [Sydney, AU]IBMSydneyAustralia168.1.14.61
IBM Cloud Europe North LON02 (London, UK)IBMLondonUK159.8.184.13
IBM Cloud Europe-Central (FRA01) [Frankfurt, DE]IBMFrankfurtGermany159.122.104.85
IBM Cloud Europe-Central (PAR01) [Paris, FR]IBMParisFrance159.8.95.116
IBM Cloud Europe-North AMS01 [Amsterdam, Netherlands]IBMAmsterdamNetherlands159.122.25.62
IBM Cloud Europe-South (MIL01) [Milan, IT]IBMMilanItaly159.122.134.78
IBM Cloud North America (MEX01) [Queretaro, MX]IBMQueretaroMexico169.57.18.116
IBM Cloud North America (MON01) [Montreal, QB, CA]IBMMontrealCanada169.54.79.53
IBM Cloud North America (TOR01) [Toronto, ON, CA]IBMTorontoUSA158.85.82.116
IBM Cloud US South DAL06 (Dallas, TX, US)IBMDallasUSA198.11.239.18
IBM Cloud US-East (WDC01) [Washington, DC, US]IBMWashington DCUSA50.22.214.19
IBM Cloud US-Northwest (SEA01) [Seattle, WA, USA]IBMSeattleUSA50.23.149.234
IBM Cloud US-South (HOU02) [Houston, TX, US]IBMHoustonUSA50.23.13.210
IBM Cloud US-West (SJC01) [San Jose, CA, US]IBMSan JoseUSA169.53.138.120


We’re looking to bring on board more South American locations, Africa and Middle Eastern locations soon.

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