APImetrics + Your Passive Monitoring Stack

Your passive monitoring stack is vital in understanding how your applications, and the APIs on which the applications depend, are being used over time and how they are behaving. But there are many questions about the performance and quality of your APIs that these passive tools cannot answer. Passive monitoring can only tell you about APIs that are being used and about requests that are reaching the gateway, and cannot tell you whether the response is correct. To do this, you need an active monitoring tool.

APimetrics is the perfect complement to the passive monitoring tools such as those provided by AppDynamics, AWS, Microsoft Azure, MuleSoft and New Relic.

Examples of Application Performance Monitoring

APImetrics can be used as a standalone active API performance and quality monitoring system. It can also be integrated with other management and monitoring systems via alerts such as email and WebHooks into systems such as New Relic and Slack. APImetrics exposes a comprehensive API that allows flexible and secure access to all APImetrics functionality from external systems.

All of the APM systems listed above also expose an API. It is thus possible to integrate dynamically with APImetrics with the APM systems and other passive monitoring, DevOps and higher level management system in highly customisable ways that meet the exact requirements of your particular organization.

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