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Easy Reporting. Full Accountability

Whether you’re technical or not – APImetrics makes it easy to get real data on business critical cloud services and APIs.


CASC – Stop Guessing

Rather than complex graphs of internal server responses, logs and other data points, API performance is shown as a simple, 3-digit number – just like a credit score. The closer to 1000, the closer to perfect your performance. Our systems take into account all the variables involved in API performance, from the individual components that make up latency, to the pass rate and the geographical performance, providing you with a clear and easy to understand system.

  • See geographical or cloud based problems clearly and graphically
  • Identify better hosting configurations, or spot problems with your support systems
  • Highlight easy to miss performance outliers and clusters
  • Gain in-depth insight into your customer and end-user experience

The Cloud API Service Consistency (CASC) score gives you a real indication of the quality and health of a particular API. With a single number, generated in the same way, it is possible to compare APIs from different providers and vendors in the same way and spot meaningful differences between them in a clear way without diving into technical detail.

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Solutions For Management and Support Teams

Microsoft Live User Profile Fetch

3rd party monitoring ensures everyone is on the same page

  • No more reliance on ‘we said, they said’ disagreements between stakeholders and suppliers
  • Verifiable data for regulators and external oversight
  • Clear root-cause identification eliminates conflicts
  • Simple internal reports help all stakeholders understand
  • Straightforward status pages are perfect for public sharing
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Meaningful, Verifiable Service Level Agreements

Measurement is control

  • 3rd party measurements and assurance
  • APIs calls are made from where your customers and users are, not from where your servers are
  • CASC scoring takes the guess work out of performance measurement
  • Machine based outlier detection pinpoints issues missed by means and averages
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