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Financial Services is Opening Up

Whether it’s something simple as using an app to find an ATM or a bank’s branches, or more complex like real time financial services data, the entire Fintech sector is changing through APIs and understanding how those APIs affect your business operations and your customers is essential.

Monitoring and Rating

Initiatives like the Payment Services Directive are forcing banks to cooperate and interact, but do you know what the quality of the services you interact with is? If not, how do you know that something entirely outside of your control isn’t impacting your users, customers and partnerships. ¬†With APImetrics monitoring and CASC based reporting you can have up to date and accurate reporting of all the services you supply or depend on and how they impact you.

Use cases

APImetrics customers are using us for tracking from a variety of uses including:

  • Traditional customer facing APIs
  • Inter and Intra bank services
  • Financial Data delivery
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