API Monitoring


Poor API performance and API call errors can be easy to miss but have a huge impact on your business.

API monitoring from APImetrics lets you spot problems quickly and identify issues that could impact users or your brand.

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for fast, easy

API monitoring

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1. Setup

Setup API flows easily and simply from a curl command or import them directly from Open API specs or Postman.

2. Monitor

Monitor regularly from over 80 different cloud locations at customized intervals.

3. Report

Add alerts, reports and share data to other users or stakeholders instantly and with total security.

Cross Cloud from 80+ locations

Your customers aren't on one cloud. Why test from only one? Schedule APIs from any public AWS, Azure, Google or IBM location

Set conditions & assertions

Add and manage custom conditions for your APIs. Set alerts based on speed, size, content & more

Quality & SLAs

Integrated API reporting, quality API metrics and SLA compliance. Customize and export quickly and easily

Setup API calls simply and quickly

Setting up API monitoring is as simply as entering a URL, the simple editor lets you make any HTTP call type and test it right there in the browser or from 80+ locations around the world and the cloud.

Run & test sequences of API calls

Create complex sequences of calls for API monitoring workflows. Configure alerts and assertions and manage variables across different calls and call types.

Global, cross-cloud reach

Your users, partners and customers aren’t all on the same clouds, why only monitor from one?

Only APImetrics provides 80+ different cloud data centers on 4 different major clouds to run calls the way your customers do.

Integrated API security monitoring

Script free totally secure management of API authentication. Integrated oAuth handling with full JWT support and a Fips140 compliant HSM available for handling banking and finance level security.

Monitor key OpenID Connect functionality, FAPI compliance, token refresh and OAuth scenarios continuously in a secure way.

Reporting & quality analysis

Detailed reporting, analytics and insight is part of the package. See latency, uptime and more from where your customers are. 

Integrated statistics and insights show outliers, regional performance variations and even identify time based trends.

Alerting the way you want it

Error and performance change alerts via email or webhook. Integrated webhook setup for critical tools.

APImetrics gives you the information you need, before you knew you needed it.

Don’t wait – get an alert BEFORE it breaks.

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