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1. APImetrics Project Home

Detailed walk through of the APImetrics Projects home page – basic navigation and key screens.

2. API Statistics view

About the statistics view with the graphs and maps that APImetrics provide for monitored APIs.

3. Report View

About the report views in APImetrics.

4. API Call Edit page

This shows you how to set up an API Call ready for monitoring in APImetrics.

5. API Call Edit tabs overview

Introduction to the API Call edit tabs, including alerts and webhooks.

6. Workflows

How to use Workflows in APImetrics, and using variables in them.

7. Authentication & OAuth - using the wizard

Introduction to Authentication handling in APImetrics and how to set up a standard OAuth 2 API.

8. Advanced Authentication

Use of APImetrics to handle advanced authentication, such as OpenID Connect (OIDC) with OAuth 2.

The full aPImetrics experience

Watch a complete walkthrough of the APImetrics platform.

8 Videos – Available in Japanese

Meet The Speaker
Nick Denny

Nick has 20 years of professional experience working in Software Development, most recently working with API technologies and cloud computing. Nick has worked on both team projects and individually on solo projects. He has experience with working remotely for clients, where the keys to his success have been his good communication skills, strong self motivation and eye for detail.

About APImetrics

APImetrics realized that the API economy was going to be essential to the success of API and digital businesses, especially in banking and healthcare, but ONLY if there was meaningful monitoring built from the ground up.

Without standards and agreed ways to measure quality it is hard for anybody to agree on what is good or not for the APIs you provide or rely on. With a database of over a billion real, production API calls APImetrics has the data ready for you to use.

The API Intelligence Platform

APImetrics was founded to focus on the challenges we saw in monitoring the API economy – where conventional tools were completely missing the problems with APIs that were impacting developers. APImetrics now has hundreds of users all over the world and a client base full of household names across the Fintech, Enterprise IT, IoT and Telco sectors.

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