Cookie Authentication

We support Cookie Authentication using the Post-Conditions section of a test, in conjunction with a multiple-test test run.

The general idea would be a test run with the follow:

  1. Call an API which creates the session
  2. In the Post-Conditions, extract cookie value in post-conditions
  3. Call other tests, add a header using the custom variable from (2).

For example, if your API returns a header:

200 OK

Set-Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=zw4ixeriskyukm5asrdh0nlv; path=/; HttpOnly

In Post-Conditions, add a variable under headers named COOKIE, with the following path:

Set-Cookie|replace(‘; path=/; HttpOnly’, ”)


Then in the follow-on tests, add a header in the test setup page:

Cookie: %%COOKIE%%


If you need any further assistance with this. Please post a comment, or contact us to!

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