Come and meet us at API Strategy and Practice

We’re going to be attending and talking at the API Strategy and Practice conference in Chicago this week, so feel free to get in touch and come and see us.

The topic of our presentation will be – performance, what the logs don’t tell you?  And, not to give anything away, this will focus on the problem that averages or server performance logs will tend to hide things.  Firstly, averages can easily fool you into thinking that all is well with your performance, caching in particular can make the actual numbers look significantly better than they actually are, or hide issues on the outside like a poorly performing load balancer.

Secondly, the logs themselves might be measuring the wrong things.

Finally, the logs might not be capturing the results at all.  We see plenty of situations where the server thinks it’s responded perfectly well, or has returned a nice, clean, HTTP 200 code in a timely fashion but the actual returned data is incorrect or, in fact, missing entirely.

We’ll post links to the talk after we’re doing, meanwhile, if you haven’t made up your mind to attend the conference, please do!

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