CMA9 API Performance Dashboard

September 2018

CMA9 API Performance Dashboard

August 2018

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  • Locations | 17 Across Europe

  • Calls Made | 890,000

  • Best Quality APIs | AIB

  • Fastest APIs | HSBC

  • Best Cloud (latency) | Azure / 212ms

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  • Cloud Services | 4 Worldwide

  • APIs Tracked¬†| 66

  • Worst Quality APIs | Halifax

  • Slowest APIs | Santander

  • Worst Cloud (avg latency) | Google¬†/ 273ms

Understanding the APImetrics Performance and Compliance Dashboard

How we monitor?

The APImetrics API compliance and performance monitoring tool measures the actual performance of real API calls made from application servers hosted around the world and produces uptime and compliance data for those calls using AI and Machine Learning systems to measure the performance, identify outliers and issues caused by server side issues or networking problems. With it you can prove SLAs, set achievable SLOs, measure critical performance KPIs and provide actionable regulatory reports.

CASC Scores

Cloud API Service Consistency Scores (CASC) measure the overall quality of an API or set of APIs by looking at the statistical performance over a period of time and taking into account reliability, consistency of service and whether not not the data returned is correct.

Over 800 – good, performance, you should be having few issues a month

600-800 – acceptable but there will be performance and functional issues

Under 600 – under performing API, significant issues each month

Global Latencies

Measuring the total call transaction times for each API call made, aggregated for the provider. Results are stored by location, region and cloud service the call originates from.

Call Breakdown

Measuring the total call transaction times by the portions of the call recorded by our systems, this includes network effects and server impact. All calls are made from a live application server with the correct security set. Call components logged are:

  • DNS lookup time
  • Connect time
  • Handshake time
  • Upload time
  • Processing time
  • Download time

Results are stored by location, region and cloud service the call originates from.

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