APImetrics will be Attending MWC 2015

We will be attending the Mobile World Congress, March 2-5. If you are attending and want to schedule a meeting reach out to [email protected] . Remember to speak with your API about regular screening, with APImetrics!   MWC ’15 - The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilizing every device we use in our daily lives. In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the [...]

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Come and meet us at API Strategy and Practice

We're going to be attending and talking at the API Strategy and Practice conference in Chicago this week, so feel free to get in touch and come and see us. The topic of our presentation will be - performance, what the logs don't tell you?  And, not to give anything away, this will focus on the problem that averages or server performance logs will tend to hide things.  Firstly, averages can easily fool you into thinking that all is well with your performance, caching in particular can make the actual numbers look significantly better than they actually are, or hide [...]

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Big milestone! We have now passed more than 5,000,000 tests run by our product since we started it running last year. That's more than 110GB of test data on a huge range of APIs stored in our results database. Why don't you join us for the next 5,000,000?  Sign Up Today!

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New Group Level Alerts + PagerDuty

New for group level accounts is the ability to set different email addresses to be alerted when certain conditions are met for any of the tests in your organization. We currently provide alerts for the following conditions: Test fails Test latency exceeds an expected number of Standard Deviations from the norm Test exceeds a certain number of miliseconds Test fails more than a specified number of times With the new group level accounts different email addresses can receive the notifications for different types of alert.  This integrates directly to PagerDuty's email service where you can trigger other support events. Be [...]

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Regional API Performance Testing – New Feature

This is one we've been asked for a lot, and it's available now for Pro and higher level accounts.  We've enabled a variety of regional test centers for running ongoing tests against the API.  The aim is to give you a better idea of the performance of the API when your apps are running in different locations and also to see what impact data center access can have on your apps and services. We're currently supporting the following regions and expect to add more targeted options later: US - East Coast US - West Coast Europe Asia Japan South America [...]

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AT&T Hackathon Support – AT&T Developer Summit 2014

It's the AT&T Developer Summit and we will be attending. As part of our efforts to make life easier for developers, we're providing testing for some of the leading APIs that developers are using for the event. We have tests configured for the following APIs. AT&T In App Messaging Service v1 API AT&T In App Messaging Service v2 API Nokia HERE Maps Places Search Nokia HERE Maps Places Discover Nokia Mix Radio - Search Nokia Mix Radio - Artists Please sign up for an account to test them with your own developer keys and use our token manager to simplify [...]

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New Statistical Models and Alerts

Newly added features today, we're now providing users with statistical tools for understand the performance of their APIs better.  This includes the following: Graphs based on raw results- so you can see plots of the raw data Standard Deviation (1st and 2nd degree) bars on latency plots Alerts for when performance degrades outside of the Standard Deviation Key to this is understanding the way that latency can affect your apps and your users and APImetrics is giving you the tools to do this.   Sign Up for Free Today

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November News and Updates

It's been a busy month here, so here's a quick round up of the news and new features we've got coming. News We went out with our Press Release that more than half of the services you need for your apps and services will fail monthly.  Here's the Programable Web take on it.  And, just in time, Microsoft Azure lost their DNS server taking out all their dependent services for about 45 minutes.  This included APIs offered by Bing and Microsoft Live.  Remember, if a third party service has problems, you have problems! New Features Communities Now you can share [...]

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Bing, Bing Maps, MS Live auth and Profile APIs all down

Not sure what's happening but Microsoft are having some serious DNS issues on their API calls for Bing, Bing Maps and Live services at the moment.  They're not fully back up after 3 test cycles which means this has been going on for at least 45 minutes. Update: 15:30PST - we're still getting errors on the Bing Maps API. Here's the latest test log: https://client.apimetrics.io/tests/results/result/agpzfnZpYXRlc3RzchgLEgtUZXN0UmVzdWx0MxiAgIDQpeTxCQw/   Here's the API status dashboard.  

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