Quick Update – Happy New Year

We'll have more details out shortly but there's a lot of features and changes coming in the next few days, once we're through the final testing.  These include, but are not limited to: System wide variables with the ability to set different production environments Improved data visualizations with new graphing options and improved heatmaps Global SLA settings View all deployments from a single view We now support a full range of webhook integrations to services like Pager Duty and Github and we have a general set of webhooks that can be used for all integrations Watch this space!

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APImetrics Second API Performance Report – Social Networks

For our second API Health Report we decided to look at Social Networking APIs, specifically Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr - like with our first report we were interested in how your choice of cloud could impact the results, but unlike the first report, we've also added in a range of global locations so you can see how cloud choices and location of users could impact performance. One of the key takeaways from this report is that there are differences between the clouds and large differences between the regions once you are outside of the United States. If you have customers [...]

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Self-Regulation and Why Third-Party Monitoring Matters

Who Watches the Watchmen Self-Regulation, although sometimes viewed in a negative light, is actually a key cog in today’s global economy. It has helped a wide range of industries, from advertising, to health care, to professional sports. In advertising, groups like the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the National Advertising Review Council have helped protect consumers and monitor the industry. Within the health care industry, the American Medical Association has supplemented the government regulators to assist with maintaining the strict practices and procedures. The world of professional and amateur sports is very fragmented, however they all have governing bodies that assist [...]

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APImetrics Integrates with New Relic Insights

You can now integrate our API Performance Monitoring with New Relic Insights. This new feature will give you the ability to connect the stream of API data collected by our tool, to New Relic’s real-time analytics platform and help you keep full watch on your applications. Set Up Sign into your New Relic Insights account and select Manage Data, then API Keys. Add a new Insert Key. On this screen you’ll find your Account ID and Key needed to enable the integration. (Save these for Step 5.) 4. Sign into your APImetrics account and select @(username) > Edit Profile. 5. [...]

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APImetrics Named a Startup of the Year Finalist

APImetrics Named a Startup of the Year Finalist in the 2015 IT World Awards®  by Network Product Guides Today we are happy to announce that Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named APImetrics as a startup of the year finalist in the 10th Annual 2015 IT World Awards. The industry and peer awards from Network Products Guide honor achievements and recognitions in every facet of the global IT industry, including organizational performance, products and services, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, support and customer satisfaction, and public relations. Winners will be announced [...]

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We Have a New Website!

It has been a long rough road, but we are excited to announce the release of our new website! With our goal being to get rid of the headaches that surround API performance issues, we realized the portal to our tool needed to be just as easy to use as our tool. With that in mind we have designed and implemented a very smooth, responsive site, with all the same features as before. Take a look around, let us know what you think! Don’t get caught with your stats down! Monitor the performance of your critical APIs with APImetrics. Get [...]

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API News Rundown 4.14

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APImetrics, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is. With that in mind, here is the first of many weekly API News posts. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in!   From APImetrics: Why Automated API Testing is Necessary - Make educated decisions based off hard data, driven from reoccurring API Testing when choosing which API to utilize for your business. When APIs Need to Meet SLAs - APImetrics offers intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solution built specifically for the [...]

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