APIs 2020 Report: Corporate Infrastructure

In 2020, we launched API.expert. This allows you to see at a glance how many of the leading APIs have been performing each week and month compared to their peer APIs. The comparison uses our unique CASC (Cloud API Service Consistency) score, which blends together various performance to give a single number that sums up the quality of the API in a particular period. We were awarded a patent for CASC in 2020 (US patent no. 10,644,962). It’s now time to look back over 2020 for each of the categories we examine. We currently monitor 21 Corporate Infrastructure APIs. These [...]

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Monthly API Ratings | April 2020

We have lurched out of April and into yet another month of the COVID-19 crisis (we are going to be in that for a good while yet). And that time has arrived when we must discourse on the State of the APIs over the past month. We recently launched API.expert as a simple way to provide everybody with insights into the API economy and the leading APIs in different categories in particular. The basic service is free and will remain free, but other, related services will be built on top of it, including your very own API.expert dashboards if you want them!  Each week, [...]

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CMA9 APIs: The Only Constant Is The Lack Of Consistency

Following on from our thoughts on SLOs and KPIs, we teased that we had some more data on CMA9 APIs. And here it is! The approach we use is simple. We look at past performance and provide benchmarking against similar services doing similar things – or against previous performance. Obviously, making comparisons against similar services is challenging. But we happen to have a large data set, which fits nicely. Measuring API SLOs The CMA9 UK Open Banking APIs are a set of APIs required by all the UK major banks. It covers the provision of data on common bank information [...]

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API Gateway and APImetrics: How We Integrate with Your Existing Systems

An API gateway allows API providers to manage and control their APIs reliably and at scale. It manages access, policy and traffic controls, and handles run-time activities including routing and authentication. An API gateway typically provides functionality across five broad areas: access control cloud-native principles policy definition reporting analytics traffic management Of these areas, reporting analytics supports passive API monitoring. Reporting analytics provides information about the consumption of APIs, HTTP errors and warnings generated by APIs, and detects API behavior patterns, including error patterns, that can be used to optimize API performance. Traffic management functionality can also used to [...]

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Anatomy of a Dying API

We know from history that API owners can be poor at communicating changes in their APIs. Twitter, for example, is known for burying the lede concerning API changes at the bottom of otherwise unrelated updates. One client also completely changed their OAuth configuration without actually telling a single user of their APIs. It completely shut off a number of applications. With early warning you can know that something is coming to get you. Or at the very least, you'll know to contact your service provider for more data – before the dependent apps and services get shut off for good. One of the values of monitoring the APIs...

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Everything You Need to Know About the APImetrics CASC Score

One of the things about APIs is that they're complicated. There's a lot of things that can and do wrong. So there are many metrics that we measure for each API. That's why we came up with the CASC Score as part of our APImetrics Insights analytics package. CASC stands for Cloud API Service Consistency. What is a CASC Score? Simply put, you don't want to know just that your API is performing. You also want to know HOW it is performing. Our CASC Score is a number between 0 and 1000 that tells you how well an API performed [...]

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Our Global API Economy: The Importance of API Metrics

We are living in an API economy. Organizations of every kind depend on APIs to exchange mission-critical, time-sensitive data and information with customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. Given the importance of APIs to modern businesses, API metrics must be measured and managed. For example, you need to know what's happening on a minute-by-minute basis on Cyber Monday. But you also want to know whether anyone is actually using that API that DevOps spend so much time, effort and money building. "Always returning 200!" says DevOps Server, load balancer and gateway logs can tell you something about your API metrics. [...]

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Census Data #API is Down

The US Census Bureau tweeted this about their API on the morning of Apr 6, 2017. They even sent us an email: We are currently experiencing an extended interruption in service for the Census data API. We are working to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience. And indeed, there has been an extended interruption. As part of our efforts here at APImetrics to understand the global API ecosystem, we monitor hundreds of public APIs. These include two US Census Bureau APIs – the populations of California in 2010 and King County, WA in 2010. Both of these APIs [...]

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