API Rant: Test In Prod or Give Up

API Rants: Test in Prod or give up. This is a public service rant. For the love of Mike/whatever being is responsible for your monitoring, please monitor your APIs in their production environment! I had a little rant recently about how I thought the monitoring industry had become somewhat self-serving— now I’m going to shift to something that isn’t the fault of the monitoring industry but is a HUGE problem in the Open Finance sector. Monitoring Production Systems You release a software service. Own it. Period. We can go home now. What’s that?  Group risk and security won’t let you monitor a real account?  Then give up, you’ve failed before you’ve even start. No seriously, stick a fork in your open digital strategy, you’re done. Harsh? [...]

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API Rants: We Need To Talk…

Hi Monitoring Industry. We need to talk.... It’s not me- it's you. I first wrote a riff on this a couple of years ago, but chickened out of posting it. “Too controversial”, I thought. “I'm sure people get it”, I thought. My apologies. I should have screamed it from the rooftops. Here we are in 2020. APIs have become more and more important, —especially in Financial Services. And I’m more convinced than ever that, not only aren’t people getting it, but the entire industry is enabling people to do it wrong. I was looking back at old articles on LinkedIn I’ve written. This one - “Face it, you don’t want to know when things don’t work” - from April 2018 is as true today as it was [...]

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