API Update Failure: Or, Beware Of The Leopard

One of the ongoing potential API update failures is handling situations that commonly happen whenever you have to update them. Updating an API is a perfectly natural thing to do. In fact, often you have to update an API for essential reasons – security changes, new features and more. But if you’re coming from an enterprise background, where APIs are generally only for internal use it's very easy to forget that there are others dependent on them. So when considering potential API update failure modes, you’re looking at processes and strategies that you need in place for the following: Updating [...]

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Party Like it’s 1999! PHP and XML-RPC Under the Hood

While REST and JSON are in vogue for APIs, there are still plenty of APIs out there using the (not-so) venerable XML-RPC specification, which dates all the way back to 1999. Yes, this is a technology that may be older than your youngest co-workers in the very near future! If you’re calling an XML-RPC API, you’ll probably using a library to wrap the actual interface, and given the age of the technology, you might be using PHP. For example, Wordpress exposes an XML-RPC API, and contains a XML-RPC library, but there are many options available, across many different languages. [...]

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