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APImetrics Expands With Purchase Of API Science

API Science and APImetrics came into being at roughly similar times to solve parts of the same problem, and I could not be happier to announce that we are acquiring API Science today.In the short term, there will be no changes in the API Science user experience. existing API Science customers will continue to use the API Science product.However, we will be offering support to all current API Science customers to move over to APImetrics in the next few weeks.We match almost all the existing API Science features – plus more insight and depth in the analysis of API performance.Moving [...]

API Ratings Advisory Board

A few months ago we announced that we would be formally creating an API Ratings service. While we have now launched a premium version of, which will provide you with the latest in data and metrics and ratings of leading APIs, we have worried for a while that by rating APIs and setting the rules and best practises compromises the value of our decision making, and we are now looking to address this with the creation of an advisory board for the API Ratings Agency.I am delighted to have such a fantastic group assembled to help me focus on [...]

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APImetrics and tomato pay Partner to Deliver Open Banking Production Metrics

APImetrics partners with tomato pay to Provide Accurate Production Performance Metrics for UK Open Banking APIs Seattle, July 13, 2021 – APImetrics has partnered with tomato pay, QR-code-based payments app for businesses and sole traders, to launch the first independent production monitoring dashboard for Open Banking APIs. The dashboard will use tomato pay’s robust Open Banking connections to provide performance metrics on the top 30 regulated Open Banking brands in the UK, including AISP calls from the leading UK banks, for just $80 a month. This includes data on sandboxes and Open Data APIs. “Open banking is here to [...]

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API Cloud Performance Analysis

APIMETRICS API CLOUD PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS REPORT HIGHLIGHTS SUCCESS OF CLOUD PROVIDERS DESPITE THE PANDEMIC Increased load from significant growth in global digital operations notable from summer 2020 Seattle, July 1st 2021 – APImetrics today released the results of its comprehensive annual analysis of the performance of the major cloud service providers serving the critical API landscape. To produce the APImetrics API Cloud Performance Analysis Report, APImetrics made more than 187 million API calls to more than 4,200 different API endpoints in 2019 and more than 208 million API calls to more than 4,600 different API endpoints in 2020. Calls were [...]

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LOW COST, HASSLE-FREE API PERFORMANCE MONITORING HAS ARRIVED 2000+ APIs monitored across tech, govt, and financial services from a $100 annual subscription Seattle, June 24 2021 – APImetrics is today launching a premium version of, an essential resource for API consumers, developers, and providers from all market sectors and industries. The new service monitors service provision from mainstream API providers such as Google, Slack and Microsoft, to specialist services within vertical markets.“APIs have become an essential part of the tech landscape, with more and more critical and essential services being delivered through them, from banking to healthcare, to the weather forecast [...]

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Meristem Inc. to resell APImetrics’ service in Japan

The Press Release speaks for itself, and we are delighted to be working with the team at Meristem to resell and support our products in Japan. Over the last 2 years we've slowly been building tracking with some of Japan's largest companies and now it's time to take things forward and to do that we needed a partner we could trust to take things forward. We're excited to be working with Hiroshi and the team at Meristem, and we predict exciting times ahead! As part of this work, we have added a Japanese language page to our site and will [...]

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OpenAPI Welcomes New Member APImetrics

Welcome to OpenAPI! APImetrics provides an enterprise-focused API monitoring solution that interfaces with REST and SOAP API protocols. Monitoring is supported by analytics and customizable downtime alerts and provides data to enterprises to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and customer expectations. “The economy has increasingly become a digital economy and the digital economy has been increasingly becoming an API economy over the past decade,” said Dr Paul Cray, Head of Machine Learning and Standards at APImetrics. "The COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated that trend. Global quality standards that are meaningful, quantifiable and measurable are essential to maximizing the value that [...]

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APImetrics Announces New Monitoring Product for Postman APIs

Seattle – APImetrics has launched a new monitoring service for Postman users, the company announced yesterday.  “We are very excited to launch this product, which will allow users of Postman to monitor API global performance without having to do any configuration at all,” said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics. Utilizing the Postman Newman runtime system, users can now monitor and track the performance of their APIs directly from their Postman collections externally from more than 40 worldwide locations on the world’s three major clouds: AWS, Azure and Google. “This is the first time a third-party product has been launched [...]

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APImetrics DevOps Product of the Year

Dr Paul Cray of APImetrics Accepts the Award London, June 12 – APImetrics, a real-time API and cloud service monitoring and analytics company, was named DevOps Product of the Year during the TechXLR8 awards ceremony at historic Gibson Hall. “We’re delighted by the recognition,” said David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics. "It shows that active API monitoring is being seen as an essential part of the DevOps process." TechXLR8 is London Tech Week's flagship event, bringing together eight conferences, 300 exhibitors, live demonstrations and networking opportunities. The TechXLR8 Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the tech industry worldwide. "London [...]

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APImetrics – API Metrics 2016 By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

After conducting the largest analysis of API performance ever undertaken, we've reached the same conclusion as we did when we first started with APImetrics. Half of the APIs we survey STILL fall below expected quality standards. As Kin Lane, the API Evangelist says, "You wouldn’t operate an API without having the right data regarding...

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