Will the Noosphere have an API? The 15th Artificial General Intelligence Conference suggests it will.

Ben Goertzel has been running the annual Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) conference since 2008, and the 15th edition was back in person this year. It was held over four days in August in Seattle, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. It was a blast. A particular highlight was the workshop on AGI in fintech, and especially the discussion on the use of Deep Reinforcement Learning in portfolio management. Given the very natural reward signal, what could an AlphaZero/MuZero-type system do there? Perhaps one day the world will be prepared to know. Ben coined the term Artificial [...]

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7 Key Performance API Metrics Every API Dependent Should Know

You may have seen some articles doing the rounds about the 13 key API metrics that teams should track. But going back to the challenge we have with how we describe API consumers, the needs of the 'team' in this context are vague. The API metrics performance section lists uptime (or does it?), CPU usage, and Memory usage.Then they talk about adoption and use metrics – which are important. But why the narrow technical view of API performance? Why ignore the fact that as an API Dependent (a consumer, a solution business owner, a customer success provider, sourcing, and MANY [...]

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Happy Holidays and Here’s to the New Year

In my lifetime, there have been lots of “you’ll always remember where you were” moments. The Challenger disaster and September 11, 2001, are the first two that always come to mind for me. But I think this will be the first time that the thing I will remember most is that I mostly stayed at home. It has been a challenging year for everybody as I can tell from the many, many Zoom/Teams/WebEx sessions with clients, team members, and partners – whether it is the loss of family and friends, of which there has been so much, or the challenge [...]

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Overlooked API Monitoring Problems

Overlooked API monitoring problems To understand how API monitoring problems get overlooked, there's an old story that goes something like this: You come across a person standing under a street light looking around. You ask if you can help. "I've lost my car keys," they say without looking up. So you start to look around to help them. After a few minutes you ask, "where did you last see them?" They stop, look up, and point at the woods to the side of the road. "I dropped them over there," they say. "So why are we looking here?" They look [...]

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API Performance Analysis: Hitting the Mainstream

Here at APImetrics, we've been at the cutting edge of API performance analysis for over four years now. So we tend to forget how far things have come in just a short period of time. This was brought home to me just today by a thought piece in Forbes on the API economy. This point in particular leapt straight off the screen at me: APIs have become so essential to businesses that 85% consider web APIs and API-based integration fundamental to their business strategy and continued success. Five years ago, we were still having conversations with our clients about why [...]

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Healthcare API Economy: Long Overdue

  This week, Don Rucker MD, the National Coordinator for Health IT, proposed a healthcare API economy. This is something that's long overdue, especially in the USA, and shadows the changes that the banking sector, and before that the telecommunications sectors have gone through. However, it has its own unique risks and challenges that need to be carefully considered as the move happens. If you build healthcare APIs they might not come One of the many challenges for the telecommunications sector was that they were slow to adopt the right technologies. The innovations they wanted to be part of ended [...]

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APIs and the Cloud: An Impact Study

In their recent white paper, ThousandEyes concludes that all the clouds offer good choices from the perspective of network performance with solid backbones for data transfer. But that’s only part of the story. When we started with our unique multi-cloud approach, we assumed that there wouldn’t be much difference between different clouds when they’re used to call APIs. The fact is, they’re all VERY different. How we analyze performance Our product makes a series of calls to API endpoints. We use the same security (OAuth, OAuth+JWT, etc.) as a TPP (Third-Party Payment) provider or ASIP (Account Service Information) provider [...]

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Monitoring APIs: Expect The Unexpected

When it comes to monitoring APIs, getting a 2xx back is not enough. You have to check that the returned payload is what is actually expected. So, if the expected payload contains 14 language options, it does contain 14 and not 3. This is another reason why it is also vital to continuously test your APIs - also known as active monitoring. Sure, the API test suite might have passed in both the sandbox and live environments. But if the backend is pulling data off third-party systems (like a hotel price comparison website), there is no guarantee that the data [...]

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Free Puppy!!! (AKA Free Software Is Rarely Free)

We do that! It really doesn’t matter what ‘that’ is. It could be API monitoring, it could be networking monitoring, it could be security services. It could be one of a dozen things. But the sales team for your infrastructure vendor is sure they do it or have a module for it, and they’ll do it for you for free as part of the large contract you’re signing with them. This offer of free software (or security or whatever) reminds me of two common problems. Problem one: the ‘free puppy problem’ Somebody gives you a free puppy. That’s great! You [...]

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