New Features – here now

We're working to coming out of Beta but we're still letting people sign up for the Beta program - just fill in the form from the dashboard page here.  We're really excited with the new features that are now live.  Core to the new set of features is improved data collection and visualization making it easier to spot performance trends in your API performance.  Combined with our public test set, it's now possible to create and run sets of side-by-side comparison tests. This is already providing us with extremely interesting trend data on some of the most popular services out [...]

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Changes – Coming Soon

Firstly, thank you for all the input over the course of the Beta program, we're getting close to the end of it now and we're planning to open things up to general users shortly. As part of that we've been working hard on a lot of new features and enhancements to existing ones.  Firstly, we've brought in a completely new look summary page which will allow easier 'at a glance' views.  One of the new data points will be 'peak latency' where you'll be able to see not only the average time for an API call, but the maximum time [...]

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API Wizard – Quick How To…

So, we've gone live with V1 of our API Wizard Tool.  At the moment this will let you set up authenticated (and non authenticated) API calls against most REST based services.  We've added a bunch of services to simplify things too.  So here's a quick how to guide.  First step, contact us for a Beta Program log in.   Firstly add the URI for the service you want to test.   Next, pick the correct authentication.  To make life easier, we've pre-populated things to make it easy for you with our Facebook oAuth.   In the full version, you'd be [...]

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Update – API Wizard

So we've just gone live with V1 of our API Wizard in the Beta trial. This is very much the Beta version, there are some rough edges in there but we get notified if you find a bug, so please go ahead and use it! With this version of the Wizard you'll be able to create API calls and run one-off tests against them.  At the moment we're not letting people run ongoing regular scheduled with these, but that will be coming soon in a future update. Other updates on the way include better graphing for reporting trends and a [...]

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Housekeeping August 9 2013

The more astute reader will notice we're showing low pass rates on LinkedIn, but also no errors.  The API is currently reporting a warning to us.  We had resolved one issue with an expired use token - our main tool has an integrated Token Management tool which made it quick to fix, but we had logged some errors.  We've now noticed that we're hitting Throttle Limits on the API and have started work to look at the options we have before we reduce the frequency of our regular testing. If anybody from LinkedIn's developer program is around, we'd really like [...]

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