APImetrics gets Funding from Bain Capital Ventures

APImetrics announces the closing of a $500,000 Seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures. This is the first funding issued through Bain's new seed program. "APImetrics redefines the way that the enterprise views and values its API resources," said Salil Deshpande, managing director, Bain Capital Ventures. "And the APImetrics technology and business model offer a unique and economical way for enterprises, developers and platform vendors to ensure that critical APIs are performing as designed." "Being the first company to be funded by Bain Capital Ventures' seed program validates our viability and market approach," said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics. "Today's [...]

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API Monitoring Lessons from Facebook Going Down

Just after 12:00 am on Tuesday January 27th, Facebook.com went down for a little over an hour. Not only did this force humans to have to organically connect, the service disruption took down several other websites, including Instagram, MySpace, Tinder, and HipChat. Quickly, the hacker group ‘Lizard Squad’ tried to take credit, however a Facebook representative told The Verge that the downtime was "not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems." So how does Facebook’s error affect all of these other sites? It's possible that the downtime [...]

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Automated API Sample Code calls

We're really delighted to be able to announce this new feature!  We've added the ability to see reference code for API calls you test using APImetrics, just by clicking a tab.  It's available for free to all registered users. All you have to do to use this is create a test, make sure it works and you get HTTP 200 from the call, this also lets you see what gets returned too!  Then, when you view the test you have the option to see what the call looks like as: iOs Objective C Android Windows Phone/ C# PHP Python We [...]

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APImetrics Announces New Partnership with Radius Inc

APImetrics Announces New Partnership with Radius Inc. We at APImetrics are proud to announce our new partnership with Radius Inc., a Kirkland-based next-generation technology consulting company focused on the growing Internet of Things industry. Earlier today, Radius unveiled their new “Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution,” which is powered by APImetrics technology. Through Radius, our technology will reach Fortune 500 companies around the world, significantly expanding our service footprint. Check out the below description of Radius’ solution, from http://insideradius.com/:   APIs are the workhorses of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon. By simplifying the process by which data is accessed through the [...]

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Test Frequency – Deciding on your test frequency

One of the things that we are clear about is APImetrics is not a load nor stress testing platform.  We're focused on providing a close indication of the likely quality of the developer experience on REST based APIs.  Consequently, we actually don't test all that often, our default for our public tests is once every 15 minutes.  One of the reasons for that has been the behavior of some APIs with cached data in app queries.  Testing every 15 minutes in this case actually provides misleading good performance data. However, this isn't true for all APIs.  We're also testing the [...]

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Authentication Challenges – Salesforce

One of the key features of APImetrics is our ability to handle oAuth tokens for tests and calls requiring authentication.  As we've rolled out our beta program we've found that there's more variation in performance and operation than we expected but it has been interesting to explore.  We recently encountered issues with the Salesforce oAuth service which required us to make some changes to our generic token handling. In our product, you can set tokens to automatically renew, however, we found that with Salesforce tokens were not being updated and after 2 hours, the tests would start to fail.  For [...]

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External Reporting API

By popular demand we've enabled an API to allow you to extract data from your reports and embed it in your own web properties as a report or dashboard.  This is going to be a premium feature, but for beta users it's available at the moment for free, and for people signing up when we go live you'll get 30 days for free. At the moment, it is fairly simple. To access it, you need create an API key by selecting "Edit Profile" from the dropdown underneath the "@<username>" menu in the top banner. To use each of the following [...]

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