Daily and Weekly Status Mails

We've now added one of the features that everybody has been asking for, daily and weekly alert status mails. The emails will initially cover the basics - the number of calls you've made, the number of APIs monitored and not monitored and the alerts you've had during that day or week. Each monitored API and API shared within your organization is reported with the pass rate for the day/week, the median latency and the CASC score associated with the call. Over the next few months we'll also be adding the following: Insight data that is meaningful - bottlenecks, either [...]

Updates for March 17 2017

A quick programming note for everybody, and the obligatory Happy St Patrick's Day, we've released some new features this week that will improve the stats functions. You can now view statistics for 'All Locations' where we display the averages for all the locations and clouds you're monitoring from.  We're also adding some new analysis around this point in the coming weeks along with expansions to our machine learning services. Other updates this week include All Location widgets for your dashboard and additional options for filtering results.

Improved Call Data Visualizations and Reporting

Welcome to 2017 and with it, the first of a bunch of new reporting features. They're designed to tell you more about what's actually impacting your API and SaaS performance. First out of the gate – we've improved visualizations and comparison data of the steps involved in an API call. We've been breaking down the individual steps of the DNS lookup, handshake, processing and download. But we've now visualized that data along with gauges. It shows how the numbers stack up to your historical averages. SLOW reporting We also added functionality into the 'SLOW' alerts to let you know roughly [...]

Programming Notes, Nov 13

Hello, welcome to yet another development update. Our test team were very quick verifying our latest sprint, so we already have a new version live. Two releases in one week, we're really treating you! What's in this latest build? New Improved Dashboard View A new improved dashboard view - let us know what you think about this UI refresh, we think it's a bit cleaner and easier to view than the old one. New header in all pages, matching our brand styling. You can now import API Calls from Postman! And, as always, various bug fixes. Postman support Yes, right [...]

Programming Notes, Nov 10

Welcome to the first of a regular series where we update you on the newest features added to APImetrics! Today's release features: API Blueprint support in the importer. Remote Locations updated with our latest clients, including for Azure. Wider pages for desktop viewers. Report editor tweaks to make it easier to see which API Call is currently deployed. API Calls list now has a column showing you how many deployments each call has enabled. Report Latency graph loading improvements. And as always, miscellaneous bug fixes. Import API Calls API Blueprint is now the fourth supported format in our [...]

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