Programming Notes, Nov 10

Welcome to the first of a regular series where we update you on the newest features added to APImetrics! Today's release features: API Blueprint support in the importer. Remote Locations updated with our latest clients, including for Azure. Wider pages for desktop viewers. Report editor tweaks to make it easier to see which API Call is currently deployed. API Calls list now has a column showing you how many deployments each call has enabled. Report Latency graph loading improvements. And as always, miscellaneous bug fixes. Import API Calls API Blueprint is now the fourth supported format in our [...]

Housekeeping: Bug Reporting for Beta Users

Just a housekeeping note for Beta users.  We're experiencing a problem with the latency graphs at the moment that's preventing the data from being displayed correctly.  We're moving to a new graphing service in the next release, so for a few days the latency graphs will be unreliable and may not correctly show the data you're interested in.  We'll post an update when they're working correctly and also when the next release comes out. If you have any feedback, please send it to  

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