New Reporting Format… Now with errors

For our signed in users, and if you haven't signed up for a free account, you really should - you get much better access to the data, we've had a slight change to the database and we're now recording the latency of test failures as well as passes. For the astute among you, you'll notice that some APIs are showing error rates but not actually showing error latencies. That's because we're only reporting actual server errors on the report, so that's a 4XX or 5XX response from an API rather than something harder to diagnose like a timeout. As we've [...]

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New features…. March 2014

It's been a little while since we updated you, but we've been busy. There's a lot of new features shipping next month and I wanted to let you know about some of those. Firstly, we now handling multipart API calls, this is essential for many of the image uploading services and APIs we're testing and has been core to some of the needs of our enterprise clients. Secondly, we've made a number of cosmetic but essential changes to the UX to make the creation and management of tests easier. Finally, for our enterprise clients, we've made it easier than ever [...]

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Authentication Challenges – Salesforce

One of the key features of APImetrics is our ability to handle oAuth tokens for tests and calls requiring authentication.  As we've rolled out our beta program we've found that there's more variation in performance and operation than we expected but it has been interesting to explore.  We recently encountered issues with the Salesforce oAuth service which required us to make some changes to our generic token handling. In our product, you can set tokens to automatically renew, however, we found that with Salesforce tokens were not being updated and after 2 hours, the tests would start to fail.  For [...]

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Improved Test Timing Features

One of the challenges reported to us during the beta testing phase has been problems with running tests too close together.  To counter this we've now gone live with some enhancements to the test scheduling engine. The first change is we've increased the frequency available for running tests with intervals now starting at every 6 minutes for 10 tests per hour per test.  Additionally, in order to handle problems with APIs handling multiple incoming requests, we've introduced an offset option.  This allows you to specify a timing offset for when each test will trigger - this should get around any [...]

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External Reporting API

By popular demand we've enabled an API to allow you to extract data from your reports and embed it in your own web properties as a report or dashboard.  This is going to be a premium feature, but for beta users it's available at the moment for free, and for people signing up when we go live you'll get 30 days for free. At the moment, it is fairly simple. To access it, you need create an API key by selecting "Edit Profile" from the dropdown underneath the "@<username>" menu in the top banner. To use each of the following [...]

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New Features Week Ending 4/10

The end of another week and some new features have come online. Firstly, we've added Tags.  This will make it easier to identify tests for reports and if you've got a lot of different APIs. Secondly, you can now test file uploads - this was a much requested feature and we're happy to have it ready for use. Next week we're focusing on another key request, the ability to export reports as JSON so you can add reports to your own web pages and services.  We will also be creating a standard performance report which will provide hourly reporting on [...]

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