Product Updates: Projects View and New Project Home

Welcome to the spring APImetrics product update!As we prepare for the launch of Premium, and the huge number of new community and integration features that will bring, we're adding some critical new functionality to our core product. So here is a round up of our spring APImetrics product updates. Now that you'll be able to subscribe to different datasets and subscribe as a viewer to historical data, you need to be able to see everything in one view. Projects ViewThe first change is the projects view, this will allow all users to see the data sets, organizations and projects they have [...]

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APImetrics Feature Update: New Statistics Views

APImetrics Feature Update: New Statistics ViewsIn our rolling series of feature updates we have reached a new milestone with our new stats pages. The changes are designed to improve performance and make it easier to see and understand the data clearly.The key changes are:Summary reports now expand into full page reportsYou can change the details of the API you are looking at from the stats viewing page without leaving itOnly locations where the API call is running show as an option nowImproved latency mapping with a new regional summary view as well as the traditional per location viewLatency Graphs can [...]

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Introduction to ‘Projects’ and a New Sign In Service

We’re about to make the most significant changes to the product since the first version came out five years ago. We're really excited about the improvements in functionality – and we're hoping you will be, too. This rollout has two parts, both happening in the next week: We’re moving to a more secure login process from a third-party authentication service We’re implementing a system of user Roles and Projects We’d like to take a moment now to outline the changes to the sign-in process and outline the basics of projects - in a follow up post we'll be diving into [...]

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New Postman Integration – Run Collections via APImetrics

[iee_empty_space type="horizontal" height="10" width="10" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] Here at APImetrics we are really excited to announce our new type of integration for Postman users. We understand that importing collections and keeping them in sync can be additional extra work so we've decided to address that. We have created a new service, available to all users, where you can create and maintain your collections in Postman, but run those collections remotely in the cloud via APImetrics. There's no set up or configuration, collections will run exactly the same way as they do in Postman, except you'll be able to take advantage [...]

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New Importer – Better Postman, Github and OpenAPI Sync

  An exciting day today! We have gone live with our new importer, this has been built in conjunction with our partners at APImatic, to provide a more effective way of integrating and then monitoring your API collections from Postman and other collection managers. Key features include: Import directly from Postman or APIMATIC Use a URL to import an API specification of nearly any kind including from OpenAPI or GitHub Once the import has completed, you may need to set up any environment variables your API calls require. You may also want to check that your API calls have the correct Authentication [...]

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Monthly Fintech API Performance Dashboard

As we get closer to launching some data-only products focused on our non-technical users, we wanted to make some data available that's easy to read and understand. So, the first 5 Fintech API performance dashboards are now up for public consumption. These cover Open Banking, UK CMA9 APIs, financial services API providers, common corporate APIs and US government APIs. We're planning to add search engines and social APIs (which they still let us!), so stay tuned. The dashboards contain key information for understanding more about the API quality and performance, including the best performers by speed and quality, a [...]

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Coming Soon to UK’s Digital Marketplace and Microprocurement Platform

As I blogged a few weeks ago, one of the hottest trends right now in business and government is microprocurement. Always at the very front of any trend, we have just found out that APImetrics has been approved as a supplier for G-Cloud, the UK government's digital marketplace and microprocurement platform. So APImetrics will be going live on the brand new G-Cloud 10 on Monday, 2 July 2018. If you are in the lucky position to be a buyer of services from G-Cloud, get the date in your diary. In less than two weeks, you will be able to obtain [...]

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Microprocurement: Don’t Nonitor. Monitor!

Our friend Kin Lane has an interesting article over at his essential API Evangelist site that includes a shout out for us. Kin discusses the trend in US government circles towards microprocurement. We have seen this in the UK too – for instance, with the G-Cloud digital marketplace. CAPEX v. OPEX Microprocurement tried to address the age-old problem of CAPEX v. OPEX. If you want an active API monitoring solution, that's CAPEX. It's a software system, so you have to go through the whole heavyweight procurement cycle with RfIs and RfPs and RfQs and supplier approval. You might end up [...]

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New Features – Print to PDF for reports – Email Subscription controls

Email Controls You can now set your email preferences from the alerting menu, this will automatically subscribe or unsubscribe you from the various email reporting options like weekly and daily reports, insights or alerts. Print to PDF We've now formatted the key reports to print to a nicely formatted PDF for emailing out to internal and external reports. This works for the Insights Ranks, Insights Reports, the home page dashboard and all the location breakdown reports. Simply print from your browser menu and select 'save as PDF'. You may find that some of the reports may need you to [...]

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Daily and Weekly Status Mails

We've now added one of the features that everybody has been asking for, daily and weekly alert status mails. The emails will initially cover the basics - the number of calls you've made, the number of APIs monitored and not monitored and the alerts you've had during that day or week. Each monitored API and API shared within your organization is reported with the pass rate for the day/week, the median latency and the CASC score associated with the call. Over the next few months we'll also be adding the following: Insight data that is meaningful - bottlenecks, either [...]