“Our Experience So Far” – FI.SPAN Talks APImetrics

At APImetrics, we enjoy hearing from our clients. So we were delighted to receive such a lovely note from Valery Novikov, Co-Founder and CTO of FI.SPAN. FI.SPAN is a SOC compliant, cloud-native API orchestration platform that turns APIs into tangible & impactful service experiences for their clients. FI.SPAN believes that the smartest and most adaptable banks will thrive in this world, winning new clients and consolidating market share – a belief that we share here at APImetrics. With Mr. Novikov's permission, we're including here how APImetrics has helped FI.SPAN deliver for their clients. I wanted to say thanks for the [...]

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Active + Passive Monitoring = Rapid Problem Resolution

We talk a lot about active and passive monitoring. Passive monitoring is how your stack and services are doing. Active is calling services externally like APImetrics does. But what does this mean in practise? Let's take a real example from a customer. One of their users logged a service complaint, and the internal SRE (Service Reliability Engineering) team checked their passive monitoring. Server logs in Splunk, and APM from AppDynamics both showed green. They were happy that everything was working fine. Then the customer support team checked the APImetrics logs and found that there was a mixture of 4XX [...]

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APIs Have Only Been Getting Faster: A Report from APImetrics

API Quality Report 2016-2017 APImetrics has published a report: Impact of Location and Cloud Service Host on API Performance 2016-2017. Each day, APImetrics software agents in more than 60 locations around the world regularly exercise a wide variety of API endpoints. APImetrics and its customers use the results of these calls to measure the performance and quality of business-critical APIs. On average, over 600,000 API calls are made by our agents every day. Because the APIs that are probed are real-world APIs, APImetrics has been able to build an unrivaled historical data set over the past 18 months. It represents the [...]

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Mini Case Study – When Did it Break?

The smoking gun - when an API goes bad. Many of our clients use our product just for monitoring the uptime of an API. But our data retention policy, and our analysis tools, add a whole important layer to the value APImetrics brings to operations management – both from a management overview approach with our CASC scoring, and for developer operations with our detailed analysis. One client, an organization with a number of branches and a requirement to provide those details publicly, had realized – both with our product and others – that one of their critical [...]

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Anatomy of a Dying API

It's as inevitable as death and taxes. At some point, previously stable APIs start to throw performance errors and generally degrade. This can manifest in a number of ways: The API starts to have more failures. There are more time outs. It gets slow for no apparent reason. There are many reasons for this, from an inattentive dev group to older equipment being used - but the net result is the same. For us here at APImetrics, it's interesting to see how our CASC (Cloud API Service Consistency) Score relates to a company's decision to depreciate the API (sunset the [...]

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APImetrics – API Metrics 2016 By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

After conducting the largest analysis of API performance ever undertaken, we've reached the same conclusion as we did when we first started with APImetrics. Half of the APIs we survey STILL fall below expected quality standards. As Kin Lane, the API Evangelist says, "You wouldn’t operate an API without having the right data regarding it’s availability and stability—the same is true for the API industry, and the folks at APImetrics have those numbers." In our original study, we were only able to focus on conventional error or success codes like HTTP 200. We didn't have the sophistication to understand more of the context of [...]

Case Study: First Utility

First Utility is a leading energy supplier in the United Kingdom. They were having issues with the quality of the APIs that were powering their mobile apps. The challenge they faced was simple. They had extensive testing and monitoring including API Gateway monitoring, Selenium based web test tools and Splunk based logs. But they were hitting performance issues. And they were taking significant time to resolve and identify. The company implemented APImetrics. And within days, First Utility was able to resolve problems that had been impacting users for weeks. Even better, they were able to stop intra-company finger pointing. “Rather [...]

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Case Study: New Zealand Ministry of Business

Open government initiatives and a move to use SaaS and Cloud services is changing how governments use and access APIs. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Business and Innovation provides access to a range of government services targeting investors and businesses across New Zealand and the world.   MBIE has found APImetrics to be a very successful tool. The alerting and performance monitoring capabilities have given very useful information to operational teams. They use APImetrics to ensure that the performance of their services is optimized worldwide.

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